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Eye Emergencies In Las Vegas YESnick Vision Center Is Here To Help

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An Eye Emergency Can Be Very Stressful!

  • When do I need to visit the emergency room for an eye emergency?
  • Do I need to visit an eye doctor for pink eye or an eye infection?
  • I have dirt in my eye, should I see a doctor?

These questions and many more may be running through your head right now.

We also serve patients from the nearby communities of North Las Vegas, Nellis, Lake Las Vegas, and Boulder City.

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When Should I Seek Medical Care For An Eye Emergency? 

  • Chemical burns to your eye
  • Sudden vision loss or blindness
  • Swelling of the eye
  • Extreme eye pain
  • Sudden flashing lights or floaters
  • Large objects such as a piece of glass stuck in your eye
  • Cuts and scratches to the eye

If you are experiencing any of the situations listed here, seek immediate emergency care. Please note the information on this page is for general information purposes and is not a substitute for medical advice from an eye doctor. If you are experiencing these symptoms during business hours call us at (702) 500-0525 if you cannot get through call or visit a local emergency room.


Eye Emergencies

If you are experiencing something stuck in your eye, pink eye, a scratched eye, or another type of eye emergency contact your Las Vegas Eye Doctor Today!

This Video Introducing Emergency Eye Care


What To Do During An Eye Emergency


One of the most common eye injuries occuring from even light impact to the eye are Subconjunctival hemorrhages. They are commonly referred to as eye bleeding or having a popped blood vessel in the white of your eye. While they appear to be an emergency in almost all cases, if it is not in conjunction with other symptoms, it will heal by itself.


In most cases a swollen eye looks worse then it actually is. A black eye may occur from sports or any other impact to the area surrounding your eyes. While it is not something that should scare you, it is highly recommended to visit your eye doctor in order to make sure there was no damage or internal swelling to your eye.


Severe scratches to your eyes can cause potential long term issues with your eye. However, most small scratches heal fine under the supervision of an eye doctor. In the event of a scratch be aware that the number one concern is an infection, do not touch your eye or rub your eye, try to see your eye doctor as soon as possible.


In the event of a chemical burn you should seek medical care as soon as possible. While waiting for an ambulance or driving to the facility tilt your head and flush your eyes continuously with water. If you are wearing contact lenses attempt to remove them from your eyes. While most chemical burns if treated promptly will not leave long term harm, it is essential to take a chemical burn seriously as some chemicals such as alkaline based cleaners can damage your eyesight.


If you have something small stuck in your eye such as sand, dirt, or dust you may try and remove it at home. First make sure your hands are clean, make sure not to rub your eye as this may cause a scratch. Attempt to look under the lids by flipping them up. Flush your eyes with cold water and blink. If this does not work, contact Dr. Yesnick to schedule an emergency eye exam in Las Vegas.


Pink eye is a term used to describe either viral or bacterial eye infections. Common symptoms include oozing liquid, red eyes, and itchy eyes. While many causes for red eyes are not contagious, a viral infection is highly contagious and therefore these symptoms should be looked at by an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Las Vegas Eye Doctor & Eye Emergencies Near You

Eye Infections & Pink Eye

Eye infections can be caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria. Any part of the eye can get infected. Infection can happen in one or both eyes. Styes and conjunctivitis are two of the most common eye infections.

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What Is Pink Eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is term used for infection of the conjunctiva, which is the clear layer above the white of the eye. This layer, in spite of being transparent, is made up of many blood vessels. Viruses or other triggers of infection cause these blood vessels to dilate. This is the reason for the appearance of red or pink eyes.

Who Is Prone To PinkEye

Anyone can get pink eye. However, children and people with a low immune system are particularly prone to this infection. The following groups of people are at more risk for this:

  • Preschoolers
  • School going kids
  • College students
  • Teachers and other people who come in regular contact with kids
  • People suffering from colds, when the immune system is weak

What are Common Eye Emergencies

The following are a few conditions of the eyes that may need immediate attention.

Sudden loss of vision over a short period of 4 to 6 hours
Chemical injury
Painful infections like pink eye
Painful, red, itchy, dry, or uncomfortable eyes
Medical conditions like glaucoma
Injuries, cuts, burns, and scratches to the eye
Eye floaters, black spots, and flashes
Something stuck in the eyes

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What Should I Do If Something Is Stuck In My Eye

The first thing to remember when something gets into your eye is to not rub your eye. That’s because rubbing may lead to scratching and corneal abrasions.

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I Got Facial Soap In My Eye And It Hurts!

If you accidentally get some cleanser in your eye and it causes pain, rinse your eye out immediately with cool, clean water. Hold your eyelid open and allow running water to flow over it.

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What To Do When You Have An Eye Infection

Bacteria, fungi, or viruses can affect any part of the eyeball or surrounding regions causing eye infections. The cornea and the conjunctiva are mostly affected in case of eye infections.

Our Las Vegas Eye Doctor

Dr. Yesnick is proud to lead an incredible team and serve the greatest patients in his Las Vegas practice. A world-renowned expert in Low Vision care, Dr. Yesnick has patients who visit from all over the country and world for his services. Although his practice has grown over the years to become the largest private practice in Nevada, serving patients form Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Summerlin and beyond, their emphasis on quality care and personal attention remains.

Dr. Yesnick and his team are passionate about all kinds of eye care from emergency eye care to treating eye diseases, and of course comprehensive eye exams. If you have an eye emergency rest assured that Dr. Yesnick will utilize the newest technology and take the time to provide the very best treatment in the Las Vegas area.

  • stye Thumbnail
    A stye is a pimple in your eye, visit our Las Vegas Optometrist Dr. Yesnick for the most advanced emergency eye care in Nevada.
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    The first thing to remember when something gets into your eye is to not rub your eye. That’s because rubbing may lead to scratching and corneal abrasions. If children end up getting something in their eyes, take steps to ensure they do not rub their eyes. For infants, you can swaddle them.
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    What to do when you have an eye infection, something stuck in your eye, a stye, and a small cut in your eye
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    If you accidentally get some cleanser in your eye and it causes pain, rinse your eye out immediately with cool, clean water. Hold your eyelid open and allow running water to flow over it. To flush out both eyes, standing under the shower head will be most efficient. If this doesn’t resolve your pain and restore comfort, call us for eye emergency care.

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