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Meet The Incredible Staff Of YESnick Vision Center

Have you ever had an eye exam in Las Vegas and felt like your orders were never correct? Appointments were never on time? Experienced painful insurance billing issues? Left to wait for weeks for your new contact lenses to arrive? Felt like the optometrist was rushing your through the process?

At YESnick Vision, we make sure each patient is treated with the respect that they deserve.

  • Our electronic record keeping helps keep our staff educated and informed about each patient.
  • Our Optometrists average a wait time of under 7 minutes, the best in Las Vegas
  • Our in house Lens finishing lab allows us to get glasses to you in as little as 1 day, with an average time under 4 days.
  • We are loved by the Las Vegas community, we have over 300 glowing Google reviews, the highest rated optometrist and optical in Las Vegas.

Dr. YESnick

“Dr. Y, Your Eye Guy”, your provider of compassionate care for over 20 years. He is comfortable with the most complicated eye health and vision challenges imaginable, with patients from around the world.


Dr. Amy

A warm and engaging personality, supplements her vast eye doctor experience, while making you feel right at home.



The ONLY Low Vision therapist in the entire state of Nevada. If you have poor vision and surgery, eyeglasses, or medicine will not fix it, then your visit to Sandy will change your life.


Your 20 year veteran optician with vast experience at manufacturing eyeglasses for the most challenging vision problems, as well as everyday eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.



Your insurance biller from heaven. Makes the difference in a patient’s life, by overcoming insurance obstacles.



Doctors technician and our real person version of “Google”, due to her extraordinary memory of patients



Front desk patient coordinator to ensure you visit is smooth from start to finish.



Optician supreme, with the patience and vast experience to help you select your most attractive eyeglasses



Insurance benefits coordinator, prepares your insurance for your use at your visit.



Our Optician will win you over at your very first visit. Patients routinely ask for her by name.



Our Front desk patient coordinator and that Smiling face you see upon your arrival. Additionally, our marketing coordinator.

Our highly trained, warm and family friendly staff awaits your visit.

Our staff is highly trained to answer your questions, enhance your eye care experience and make independent decisions on your behalf. The staff at our Las Vegas Optometry Clinic, Optical, and Low Vision Center, are the reason why YESnick Vision is the top rated practice in the Las Vegas area. Patients visit us because of our commitment to an incredible experience from your first phone call to schedule an eye exam to the experience at our office. Patients note in our reviews that we have low wait times, amazing doctors that take the time with each patient, a fantastic optical, and the greatest staff ever!

Our Service Dog, Frankie.

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