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The Importance of Comprehensive Eye Exams in Las Vegas

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Yesnick Vision Center Offers Eye Exams Near You In Las Vegas

At Yesnick Vision Center, your Las Vegas eye doctor will focus both on the clarity of your vision and the overall health of your eyes. Just as a physical exam checks the overall condition of your body, our comprehensive eye exam checks the health of your entire visual system.

Even if you're seeing perfectly and your eyes feel fine, a routine eye exam is still important! Read on to know all the reasons we encourage our patients to schedule regular eye exams with Dr. David Yesnick, in our leading Las Vegas, NV, eye clinic.


More Than A Simple Vision Screening

Many of our patients undergo basic vision screenings at the pharmacy or in school. These evaluations are useful as a measure of your visual acuity, but don't replace thorough eye exams performed by our Las Vegas eye care team.

Vision screening generally involves having you read an eye chart at various distances. While it can detect your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses, it doesn’t assess ocular health or how well your eyes and brain work together to produce clear vision.

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Detailed Eye Exams Near You in Las Vegas

We make it easy and efficient for you to have regular comprehensive eye exams in our conveniently located vision center, serving Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Spring Valley.

Dr. Yesnick will use a variety of advanced tests, the latest digital technology and ultra-precise procedures to examine your whole visual system. If you are diagnosed with Low Vision, we specialize in precise testing to recommend the most helpful low vision devices and rehabilitation. Visit our friendly and experienced eye doctor near you to benefit from the best that modern eye care has to offer.

As part of Dr. Yesnick's commitment to take care of all our patients' needs, big and small, we now offer vision tests to complete DMV vision forms, which can be found at our Las Vegas eye clinic.


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What to Expect During an Eye Exam

At , we welcome all our patients to experience optometric care in our Las Vegas office like never before! Dr. Yesnick is proud to offer exams using the most progressive computer-assisted testing procedures in eye care today. Depending on exactly what you need, comprehensive eye exams at our eye clinic include:

  • General evaluation of your vision and ocular health
  • Refraction exam to determine your accurate vision prescription for eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses
  • Contact lens eye exam, specialized for complex, hard-to-fit vision conditions
  • Cataract exam
  • Diabetic eye exam to monitor the health the retina and retinal blood vessels
  • Nevada’s Exclusive! Macular Degeneration Telescope Exam
  • Assessment of medical eye problems, such as dry eye, pink eye, itchy eyes, redness, or foreign body removal
  • Preoperative and follow-up exams for surgeries, such as Lasik, cataracts, strabismus and retinal procedures

Detection of Eye Disease by an Eye Doctor Near You in Las Vegas

Many common eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy, present few if any symptoms at first. By the time you notice your eyes hurting or your vision getting a little blurrier, these conditions are likely to have already done irreversible damage to your eyes and vision. Treatment at this stage is often much less effective than if it had been caught earlier on.

The only reliable way to detect these kinds of eye diseases before they harm you is by coming in for a professional, detailed eye exam. The earlier we diagnose your eye disease at our eye clinic in Las Vegas, the more helpful treatment will be in preventing vision loss!

Eye Exams Can Keep Your Body Healthy

Did you know that a comprehensive eye exam can save your life? When Dr. Yesnick inspects your retina and ocular tissues, he may spot the signs of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other types of dangerous systemic diseases and conditions. Signs of these often show up first during a comprehensive eye exam, making regular exams not only an essential part of your eye care, but of your whole-body care as well.

Speak to our Las Vegas eye care team to learn more.

What to Expect at Your Appointment
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Low Vision Consultation

Dr. Yesnick specializes in evaluating and treating low vision. If you have vision loss as a result of macular degeneration, cataracts, or retinitis pigmentosa, we can offer a low vision exam and evaluation to decide how best to help you. You may be a good candidate for low vision rehabilitation and specialized low vision aids, such as customized glasses to help you independently do the things you love in life.

Contact us today to schedule your eye exam at Yesnick Vision Center, serving Summerlin, Spring Valley, and all surrounding neighborhoods.

We look forward to seeing you and making the most of your quality vision!


Are Cheap Eye Exams or Online Eye Exams Different?

One of the questions our Las Vegas Optometrists hear all the time is "what is the difference between an eye exam at your eye care clinic verses an eye exam done online or done at a budget optical?"

Dr. Yesnick explains:

" At a budget optical or an online eye exam, the goal is to get your prescription as quickly as possible so that they can make money off you buying glasses. Many times they will even provide the eye exam at a loss in order to get you through the door. Often the cheap glasses they offer are limited to old models with inferior quality or are not available in the prescription that you need.

At our Las Vegas eye care clinic and optical, our goal is total eye care. Our optometrists will provide you with an updated prescription, but that's just the beginning. We also check for eye diseases, provide insight into how you can prevent vision issues, and take the time with each patient to fully explain all aspects of their eye health, so that you walk out empowered for a lifetime of excellent vision.

What most people don't realize is that even the online eye exams say in fine print that they're not a replacement for an annual comprehensive eye exam. If there is one thing you shouldn't cut costs on, it's your eyes. We rely on our eyes for school, work, and pretty much every aspect of our lives. Poor vision or bad habits that lead to poor vision as you age, are just not worth the trade off to save a few dollars today."


Do you do eye exams for kids and adults?

Our optometrists provide eye exams and contact lens exams for patients of all ages. Our practice has the latest technology to ensure that, no matter what, you are getting a full comprehensive eye exam that assesses not only what prescription glasses you need, but also addresses all aspects of your eye health and preventative care. This ensures great eyesight for years to come.

Because our practice is also the leading low vision practice in the state of Nevada, we have technology that is often not part of a standard eye exam that allows our Las Vegas optometrists to see more and provide advanced care. Our optical also has a great selection of contact lenses for all types of patients and glasses for children and adults.

After Your Las Vegas Eye Exam

Once our eye doctor finishes with all the procedures, we’ll meet with you to share the results. We are committed to keeping our patients informed – and we’ll answer all your questions with a smile!

If Dr. Yesnick prescribes vision correction or medical treatment, together we will discuss your lifestyle needs and visual expectations to decide upon the perfect solution. Learn more about What to Expect at your Eye Exam.

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