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Las Vegas Optical Services

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Your Las Vegas Optical

Welcome To Our Las Vegas Optical

We also serve the neighboring communities of North Las Vegas, Nellis, Lake Las Vegas, and Boulder City.

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Our Designer Brands

  • Arbor Eyewear
  • Barton Perreira
  • Candies
  • Etnia Barcelona
  • Guess?
  • Marcolin Eyewear
  • Morel
  • Oakley
  • Persol
  • Ray-Ban
  • Spy
  • Swarovski
  • Tiffany
  • Timberland
  • Tom Ford
  • Prada

Our Optician's Pick

Tom Ford Eyewear
Guess Eyewear
Swarovski Eyewear
Ray Ban Eyewear
Oakley Eyewear

Eyewear for Everyone of All Shapes, Sizes, and Budgets!

RecSpecs for Kids & Adults who Love Designer Sports Goggles

Eye Glasses And Designer Frames, Lens Coatings, Designer Sunglasses


Eye Glasses And Designer Frames

Our Optical offers a huge selection of the latest styles of Designer Eyewear. Each frame is hand-selected by our optical to meet our criteria of fashion, quality and value.


Lens Coatings

Our Optical staff will help guide you through the process of deciding which lens coating is right for you. Our Optical offers the latest high-end lens coatings such as Crizal, Transitions, Eyezen and Varilux.


Designer Sunglasses

Our Optical has a large selection of the most coveted brands in designer sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory that can transform your image, but they also are a necessary element of your overall eye health.


Receive Quality Eye Care

There are a lot of optical chains out there that can make you feel like just another customer to be checked off a list and gotten out of the way.

When you come in and see Dr. YESnick, we work hard to make sure that you truly know you are cared about and that your specific needs are met. You are an individual and therefore, your optical care should be individualized.


Designer Glasses & Sunglasses for Every Look!

Your eyeglasses and sunglasses play a prominent role in how you present yourself to the world. While the primary function of glasses is to provide crisp vision, contemporary eyewear is also a fantastic fashion accessory. The right designer glasses will also enhance your unique style. Whether you want to state elegance and sophistication with your appearance, or a more casual, hip message, we have a diverse, boutique collection of adult and children’s designer eyeglasses in Las Vegas to suit every taste.

Your designer glasses must be constructed from high-quality materials and top-notch engineering that withstand the rough and tough use of daily life. At Yesnick Vision Center, we stock only premium brands that are long-lasting, from the most popular trending names. Our collection includes the latest American, European, and Asian fashion labels, in a colorful range of materials and shapes. We also feature many optional lens coatings to upgrade the function of your designer glasses, such as anti-glare and blue light blocking lenses.


Our optical selection includes:

  • Designer Glasses
  • Contact Lenses, including colored contacts, sleep in contacts, daily disposable, multifocal contact lens, astigmatism contacts, RGP's.
  • Progressive Lenses
  • Extended Warranties
  • On-Site Lab to make your eyeglasses fast
  • Transition Lenses
  • Designer Sunglasses
  • Magnifying Glasses

We offer a great selection of eyewear

We offer a great selection of eyewear, as well as a wide variety of contact lenses. When you purchase your glasses from us, you won't have to worry about where to go to get them adjusted. We would be happy to make sure your glasses stay adjusted over time. Call us at (702) 966 2020 or Book an Appointment right now and see our great selection!


  1. Bumping into or tripping over things
  2. Squinting, frequent headaches, rubbing your eyes, or fatigue
  3. Sitting too close to a digital screen
  4. Unable to see far away or up close
  5. Difficulty seeing at night
  6. Trouble reading for any length of time or “seeing double” when reading
  7. Feeling like you need to hold things farther away from you to see them better

On Site Finishing Lab

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We are proud to offer the residents of Las Vegas quicker and more professional service with our on-site lens finishing laboratory. This investment in technology means we are able to provide quicker, better quality, and precise service to our customers and patients.

Our On-Site Finishing Lab

Concierge Service

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Concierge eye care at YESnick Vision Center in Las Vegas, NV is for people that want streamlined service and highly personalized attention. This pampering service is perfect for professionals, business executives, and those that simply appreciate the finest in attention and care. Full comprehensive eye care, expert assistance choosing frames from a diverse selection of luxury designer eyewear, and lenses hand-crafted on-site in a state of the art optical laboratory.

Eye Care Concierge

Children's Eyewear

Many kids lose their smiles upon hearing they need eyeglasses. At YESnick Vision Center, our awesome collection of contemporary eyewear will restore their happy look! We invite you and your child to check out the adorable and stylish frames in our Las Vegas, Nevada kids' optical center.


Kids Glasses And Sports

Yesnick Vision Center has a wide selection of children's eyeglasses and sports glasses. Protecting your children's eyesight while playing sports is of most important, our optometrist will recommend the best option for your children. Our optical staff and frame techs will assist you in choosing the best glasses for your children. Visit our Las Vegas optical today!


Digital Eye Strain

Do you work on a computer all day? Are your kids constantly in front of a screen? Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome is one of the fastest-growing eye issues today. Computer glasses are specifically designed to allow for more comfortable viewing angles to reduce the strain on your eyes, reduce harmful blue light which in excess can cause damage to the retina.


Where can I find the best eyeglasses near me?

Right here – at Yesnick Vision Center! Stop by anytime with your current vision prescription and our staff will help you make the ideal selection from our exclusive Las Vegas designer eyeglasses.

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  • Prada Thumbnail
    Elevate your style with Prada’s unique eyewear designs and custom colors. Explore the timeless elegance and Italian craftsmanship of Prada frames.
  • Barton Perreira
    Stylish and trendsetting American designed with a youthful flare.
  • Spy Thumbnail
    See Better, Feel Better, Perform Better
  • Morel Thumbnail
    Modern day Creativity with Classic French Know-How
  • Tiffany Thumbnail
    An elegant outlook on style with impeccable craftsmanship and unexpected details.
  • Ray Ban Thumbnail
    Genuine Since 1937
  • Kenneth Cole Thumbnail
    Contemporary, top-quality and unique, Kenneth Cole Eyewear is known for it’s sophisticated New York Style.
  • Candies Thumbnail
    The Candie's girl always looks on the pink side of life.
  • Swarovski Thumbnail
    Adding sparkle to people's lives with extravagance, sophistication and style.
  • Oakley Thumbnail
    Oakley Ophthalmics and sunglasses are best in class for active wear.
  • Tom Ford Thumbnail
    Tom Ford offers energy, uniqueness, precision, functionality and innovation. Easy to wear, easy to get used to.
  • Guess Sunglasses Thumbnail
    Wear adventure, youth and sex appeal on your eyes. Fashion forward eyewear for a glamorous lifestyle.
  • Timberland Thumbnail
    Timberland eyewear was conceived within the iconic lifestyle brand’s rich heritage, blending craftsmanship, functionality and of course style.
  • Importance of Sunglasses Thumbnail
    The best way to protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous UV rays is with high-quality sunglasses.
  • Guess Eyeglasses Thumbnail
    GUESS, one of the world’s most popular lifestyle designers, was founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers who left southern France to pursue the American dream.
  • Eyeglasses Thumbnail
    We have everything you need for your primary glasses, reading glasses, or the most fashionable sunglasses.
  • Choosing Glasses For Your Child Thumbnail
    Putting on glasses for the first time for any child can be an appealing experience.
  • Thumbnail Kids
    Many kids lose their smile upon hearing that they need eyeglasses. At YESnick Vision Center, our awesome collection of contemporary eyewear will restore their happy look!
  • On Site Lens Finishing Lab Thumbnail
    Our on-site lens lab means quicker eyeglasses while you wait. Our investment into the absolute latest on-site lens lab technology is part of our commitment to providing the residents of Las Vegas the absolute best eye care and eyewear.
  • Digital Lenses Thumbnail
    Digital devices and usages are increasing the demands on our eyes.
  • Thumbnail lens treatments
    Corrective lenses address refractive errors within your eyes for crystal clear vision.
  • Lens Coating Thumbnail
    Learn more about the latest lens coatings to block blue light, block harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and prevent scratches.
  • Eyeglass Basics Thumbnail
    We won’t argue with you; online shopping is convenient. We also know that there are many snazzy sites that offer fantastic-sounding deals on eyeglasses.
  • etniabarcelona vintage kreuzberg 01 e1441616336289
    Made with a true passion for comfort and design resulting in some of the most comfortable eyewear in the world.

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