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Las Vegas Designer Sunglasses

The Ultimate Accessory

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Designer Sunglasses: Ultimate Fashion & Health Accessory

Do you value your vision? Do you care about your style? Satisfy both of these lifestyle requirements with a pair of designer sunglasses from our optical collection for Spring Valley.

Specs for Sun Safety

The best way to protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous UV rays is with high-quality sunglasses. The lenses of our high-caliber sunglasses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, thereby helping to prevent you from a long list of eye health problems – such as cataracts, corneal burns, eye and eyelid cancer, and other age-related ocular conditions.

Sunglasses also diminish the amount of bright light that shines into your eyes and gets in the way of clear sight. No matter how strong the Spring Valley sun beats down, your designer sunglasses will give superior vision under all outdoor conditions.

For your long-lasting eye health and vision quality, there are no compromises.

Designed for You

Your daily activities, vision prescription, attitude, appearance (face, skin tone, hair, eye color) and personal style all determine the perfect designer sunglasses for you. Our experienced  optical staff will help you select the most flattering frames and type of lenses to meet your needs in Spring Valley. We’ll also ensure that your sunglasses fit well. Talk to us about yourself, and we’ll listen!

At YESnick Vision Center our shelves are stocked with the latest trending sunglasses for any budget, and we are constantly adding and expanding our collection. We feature styles from the following popular designers and more:

New Frame Line! Guess:  Since 1981, Guess eyeglasses and sunglasses have conveyed adventure, youthfulness, and innovation with a European twist.

Michael Kors:  Relaxed and polished, every pair of sunglasses from Michael Kors exhibits top-tier engineering, a luxurious look, and of course – his signature logo charm.

Tiffany:  Take one look at Tiffany sunglasses and you’ll see the rich heritage of NYC artistry in each pair. These designer sunglasses, first released in 2008, were inspired by the beautiful and iconic Tiffany jewelry collection.

Coach:  This leading international designer of refined accessories launched their eyewear line in 2012. Each pair of glasses displays the effortless style of genuine Coach heritage.

Ray Ban:  Ray Ban sunglasses are synonymous with high-quality and high-fashion. Eyewear has changed over time, yet the worldwide respect for Ray Ban stays constant.

SPY:  Geared for tough action, Spy sunglasses will give you an edge on your outdoor performance, be it scaling a cliff or darting across a playing field.

Giorgio Armani:  Armani sunglasses embody the essence of creativity. Pure elegance, clean lines, and attention to detail makes Giorgio Armani eyewear immediately recognizable.

Oakley:  Oakley is made for outdoor motion. These sunglasses appeared on the scene in 1984, ready to meet the needs of life in the sun with precise engineering and contemporary aesthetics.

Stop by our YESnick optical store anytime to upgrade your style and vision with the coolest pairs of designer sunglasses in Spring Valley, NV!

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