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Brand Name Designer Glasses At Our Las Vegas Optical

High Fashion Frame Lines: Liu Jo, Flexon, Skaga, Nautica

Liu Jo strives to enhance the natural beauty and refined femininity of women worldwide. Launched in the 1990’s, Liu Jo designs embody modern Italian style and classic seduction. Designs are diverse, and a frame is available to suit every mood. Trendy shapes, contemporary colors and charming details are an integral part of these eyeglasses.

Flexon crafts sophisticated eyewear out of memory metal titanium that bends and returns effortlessly to its original form. You can twist, flex, fold and bend them with no limitations and no lasting effects. Flexon eyeglasses are durable and featherweight, allowing you to face every life challenge.

Skaga has been crafting simple, yet elegant eyewear solutions since 1948. No detail is too small when it comes to the refined engineering and technology of Skaga eyeglasses. Traditional and trendy, their collection appeals to a discrete, modern aesthetic. The frames are minimalistic and sophisticated, sporting no logo or branding.

Men who seek classic style with a modern statement will be drawn naturally to Nautica eyewear. Inspired by a heritage of seafarers and water, each Nautica frame incorporates elements of the sea. The finished products are timeless, yet enhanced with the latest materials, trending colors and hardware technology. 

Frames For An Active Lifestyle?

Designed to embody the Nike ethic of “Inspiration and Innovation for Every Athlete,” each pair of glasses is sleek and successful. Nike eyeglasses are crafted in an extensive variety of metals, plastics and colors, all of which possess extreme durability to face any athletic dream you choose to actualize. The Nike logo appears proudly on most of their eyeglasses.


Spy sunglasses are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and extreme athletics. As you scale rocky terrain, they’ll protect your eyes and give you an awesome look. Founded in 1994, Spy is based in Southern California and inspired by the outdoor lifestyle of the local community. All of their products, prescription frames, sunglasses and goggles, are crafted with exceptional optics.


Champion Eyes boast the name of the 2nd largest sport brand in the US. Their powerful reputation fuels the drive for supreme excellence in their eyeglasses. A perfect fit and optimal comfort are the basis of construction for all Champion eyeglasses. You’ll grab attention with these rockin’ frames that let nothing get in the way of achieving your goals – indoors and outdoors.


Dragon glasses are the ultimate product made expressly for ultimate athletes. A pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses from Dragon are a must for people who are always on-the-go. Year after year, new and innovative styles meet the needs of surfers, moto riders, snowboarders and wakeboarders around the globe.


Introduce outdoor sports to state-of-the-art technology, and you create Puma eyeglasses. Top-tier function, innovation, and edgy style are the definition of this eyewear. As Puma says it, “Your eyes are made for watching and your look is born to run.”


Outdoor enthusiasts will get a thrill from Columbia’s front line frames. Since 1938, when the brand was established in Portland, Oregon, Columbia made its name around the globe as a leading force in top quality performance products. Every glasses design is tested for toughness that will withstand the stress of the great outdoors, while simultaneously giving the wearer a winning look.

Incredible Selection Of Designer Frames
Michael Kors

Michael Kors produces a line of eyewear that is polished, relaxed, hip and glamorous all at the same time. Each pair of eyeglasses is a perfect blend of this leading American designer’s style and top engineering from Luxottica, world renowned eyewear manufacturer. The Michael Kors Eyewear Collection offers chic glasses for sun and optical, all in the indulgent spirit of his global luxury lifestyle brand and sporting his signature logo charm.


Established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, all Guess designs display innovation with a European influence. Starting with stonewashed jeans, Guess expanded to new fashion frontiers, including accessories and eyewear. Their distinctive eyeglasses communicate glitz, youth and adventure – with a sexy and glamorous spirit.

Anna Hickman

Ana Hickman brings affordable luxury to the global market. This best-selling Brazilian brand manufactures eyeglasses that are contemporary and elegant, using materials that are carefully selected. As a leading player in the worldwide fashion scene, Ana Hickman eyewear employs advanced technologies and high fashion to create extravagant expressions for eyes everywhere.

Calvin Klein

A pair of Calvin Klein eyeglasses subtly conveys superior class and high culture. The designs are streamlined and minimalist, with no visible logo on the frame.

Rich color tones and artistic embellishments typically grace Calvin Klein eyewear.

All optical selections and sunglasses employ the designer’s recognizable Reverse Hinge. If you regard yourself as a global influencer, these glasses are ideal.

Nine West

Put on a pair of Nine West glasses to state the power, strength and beauty of women.

Nine West is one of the most recognized names in women’s fashion, and their eyewear remains true to the brand’s classy and modern signature style.

Their eyeglasses sport lively, trendy colors and chic decorative features, available in a variety of distinctive frames to complement every personal expression.


Hackett designer men’s eyewear speaks to the contemporary male who is both discreet and confident.

The brand was established in 1979 in London, and all Hackett glasses still make a clear declaration of Tradition, Style and British. Bold and understated come together in a pair of Hackett eyeglasses, constructed from premium materials.

All of the timeless frames are fitted with their iconic monogram of a “Bowler Hat and Crossed Umbrellas.”

Choosing The Right Pair Of Glasses
Practical & Fashionable Eyewear

Making a decision about your eye health and eyewear goes beyond good vision and makes a statement about who you are.

Your decision affects how you see and also how you want to be seen by others.

But with so many different styles to choose from, getting the right look for your face and your lifestyle can be overwhelming.

Our staff will help you find the best fit for your specific needs and explain how different lenses and frames will impact your vision. They will help you narrow down your choices so you can find the look, fit and functionality you want from your eyewear.

What Makes A Great Pair Of Designer Glasses

Our optical staff will happily walk you through the benefits of each brand that we have in stock. Each brand is carefully selected to provide our patients and customers with the best value, the highest quality and the ultimate style. We know that purchasing a new pair of glasses is not only about having excellent vision, it is also an expression who you are that is represented to all around you.

Let our expert team help you find that perfect pair.

Computer Glasses & Blue Light Protection

If you’re over 45, have astigmatism or see better in the distance and work at a computer for hours every day, computer glasses will be an appropriate vision solution. Computer glasses can help you see clearly in the intermediate “computer” range and eliminate both eyestrain and neck pain. A desktop monitor is positioned so that, with your head level, you are looking through the distance “top” portion of your progressive,bifocal or trifocal glasses.

To see the computer through the intermediate “computer” portion of the lens, you have to tilt your head up, which often produces neck pain. But if you keep your head level and look straight through the distance portion, your monitor will likely be blurry and you can get eye strain.

High Fashion Frame Lines: Facconable, MCM, Airlock, Marchon NYC
faconnable_eyewear_campaign_Advertising_spring_summer_2015 330x150


This high-end fashion brand began in 1950 with a boutique line of clothing for men and women. Details, sophistication and supreme craftsmanship have remained their foundation. In 1987, the designer name diversified and released their optical collection. You can find people wearing Facconable frames around the globe, from the streets of Nice, France, to Fifth Avenue, NYC, to the West Coast.

secondary image mcm 330x150


MCM (Modern Creation Munich) gives new meaning to the terms classic and luxurious. Since 1976, this German brand has crafted superb apparel, leather goods, footwear and now eyewear too. All of MCM’s designs are fresh and contemporary, telling the world about their rebellious, cosmopolitan and inspiring spirit.

PJ1 330x150


The Airlock collection takes rimless glasses to new heights of modern minimalism. Made from ultra-light materials, these frames are both durable and comfortable. There are dozens of designs, with an Airlock shape to fit every face. Their revolutionary Dual Compression Mounting system ensures rapid fabrication and lens edges with no notch.

secondary image marchonyc 330x150

Marchon NYC

A pair of Marchon NYC eyeglasses pays direct tribute to its vibrant NYC roots. Every pair of frames buzzes with electric energy. If you’re seeking something different, something strong and striking that will make you stand out and above the rest – these are the ideal glasses for you.

  • Dr. YESnick selected only the very best quality reading glasses for clear and comfortable reading. The quality of these readers is far superior to your standard over-the-counter reading glass, for about the same price. Get a few readers to conveniently have one available in each room. Simply specify style and lens power.
  • As people move from their computer to their tablet to their phone, more and more of these symptoms are being seen, and in younger and younger people. Computer glasses offer a solution to reduce the strain on your eyes and your exposure to blue light radiation.

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