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Children’s Eyewear

Children Love Our Trendy Frames in Las Vegas, Nevada!

young boy and mom making faces, Las Vegas NVMany kids lose their smile upon hearing that they need eyeglasses. At YESnick Vision Center, our awesome collection of contemporary eyewear will restore their happy look! Nowadays,  eyeglasses for little ones come in a wide range of designs to match every child's unique taste. We invite you to bring your child and check out the eye-catching, fashionable frames in our Las Vegas, Nevada kids' optical center.

Dr. David Yesnick, our friendly, expert pediatric eye doctor, and our experienced optical staff are waiting to serve you. We know the features of all the eyewear in our store, and we know the current trends among kids. We'll help you find the perfect eyeglasses to provide crystal-clear vision AND make your child's face sparkle with happiness!

Function, Fashion and a Perfect Fit

These are the three critical criteria for choosing the right eyewear for kids.


kids' eyewear should take a child's active lifestyle into account To fulfill the primary function of all eyewear, your kid's eyeglasses must provide clear eyesight and support his vision prescription properly. Your first step in choosing eyewear is to schedule a pediatric eye exam with Dr. Yesnick to make sure his or her prescription is accurate and up-to-date.

In addition to helping your child achieve crisp vision, the lenses and frames must be kid-friendly. Children tend to be rough on their glasses, often taking them on and off throughout the day, throwing them carelessly in their backpack, or crashing into friends on the playground. Kids' eyewear must be durable and constructed from tough, flexible materials. Lenses should be scratch-resistant and impact-resistant; polycarbonate is generally recommended.

Bookworms and more studious children may do well with any design of frames, but if your child is very active you may want to consider more specialized versions. Sports glasses for kids are available in our optical store. Crafted entirely from resilient plastics – with flexible temples that are hinge-less – these eyeglasses don't slip and slide as much as conventional eyewear.


little girl with big glasses (at YESnick Vision Center our opticians fit kids right!)To state the obvious: kids are smaller than adults, with smaller noses and bridges. The nose support must be sized proportionately, and padding may be added to increase comfort. Gel padding is a newer option that many kids prefer. The temples should grip your kid's head comfortably behind the ears, and spring hinges are popular.

Our Las Vegas opticians will ensure that your child's glasses fit well – which goes far towards keeping them on his or her face! Frames need to be comfortable and sized appropriately. While modern eyewear comes in many sizes and shapes, the general rule of thumb is that glasses shouldn't be wider than the face. They shouldn't be too narrow either, and must enable clear vision in all directions. When measuring your kids' frames, we'll also pay attention to centering their eyes in the middle zone of the lenses, for optimal vision. These measurements and adjustments can only be done in person, so come on in!


girl happy in designer glasses in Las Vegas, NVIt's important to make sure that your child is plays a main part in the decision process when shopping for frames. If your kid's eyeglasses flatter her face, express her personality and have the right stylish look, she'll keep them on! Many famed international designers now make eyewear for kids, and a many colors, shapes, decorative embellishments and materials are available. Please visit our office together with your child – and let him see all our fabulous options with his own eyes!

Serving Las Vegas and Spring Valley, Nevada, we'll help you and your child match the ideal eyeglasses to your kid's visual and fashion requirements. Come visit today!

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