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GUESS Eyewear

Glasses with Timeless Style in
Las Vegas, Nevada

GUESS, one of the world’s most popular lifestyle designers, was founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers who left southern France to pursue the American dream. During the earliest days of their business, GUESS became famous for their stonewashed, slim-fitting jeans – sold out in Bloomingdale’s within hours of being put on display. Quickly, this European-influenced brand became synonymous with youth and adventure, tailor-made for a sexy, glamorous crowd.

Since 2013, GUESS became an integral part of the Marcolin Group eyewear portfolio, one of the largest eyewear firms worldwide.

Recently, their exclusive license agreement was extended to 2025 – showing the strength of synergy between these two companies.

guess man with sunglasses

GUESS and Marciano eyeglasses and sunglasses feature modern silhouettes, bold colors, and unique combinations to turn heads. GUESS aviator sunglasses are an ageless classic for men and women, and twists on the popular style are available for kids too.

All eyewear in the GUESS collection conveys trendy self-confidence, built with top craftsmanship and made to last.

Some of the most recent GUESS designs include oversized metal frames, cat-eye lenses, rectangular shapes, and vintage-style navigators. Huge wraparound frames give a sporty aesthetic, and pops of bright color are often paired with fun animal prints or glitzy detailing.

Every pair of GUESS glasses feature their iconic branding, a triangle with a “G” in the center.

guess lady with eyewear

Now, you can find GUESS eyewear in over 80 countries in the world, and Yesnick Vision Center is excited to offer these fashion-forward glasses in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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