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Cantor Prosthetic Contact Lenses

cantor lenses

CC: Clear backing, Closed pupil • BO: Black backing, Open pupil. Any combination is available.

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  • Comfortable
  • Consistent reproducibility
  • Available in both open or closed pupil
  • Clear back surface or black back surface
  • Clear back option will allow natural iris color to show through
  • Near-photographic quality iris detail
  • Disguises corneal scars, congential coloboma, aniridia and traumatic iridoplegia
  • Patented chemistry creates a glossy, smooth front surface
  • Computer generated color reproducibility for continued replacements


Prosthetic Contact Lenses 02 Prosthetic Contact Lenses 01

Note: The colors on your monitor may not fully represent actual colors due to technological limitations.

Please call Yesnick Vision Center on 702-500-0525 for more details about Cantor Prosthetic Contact Lenses with our Las Vegas optometrist. Alternatively, book an appointment online here CLICK FOR AN APPOINTMENT

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