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Introducing MiWear

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Solving Migraine Headaches

If you or someone you love suffers from migraine headaches, you know how debilitating they can be. Fortunately, there is new eyeglass technology available that can provide relief. MiWear glasses, currently being tested by optometrists, can reduce the pain associated with migraines.

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About MiWear Pro

MiWear glasses are made in Italy using high-quality materials, and feature flex hinges for comfort and an adaptable fit. Soft rubber eyecups around the lenses ensure maximum light blockage and a comfortable fit.

Unlike other commercially available products, MiWear glasses can block out the vast majority of blue light that affects circadian rhythms. This is because MiWear glasses offer a soothing narrow band of natural light that allows you to see and function without the discomfort of everyday light.

Many other products that claim to block blue light either only block a low amount of blue light, or make it difficult to see indoors due to low transmissivity. MiWear glasses are different. They are specifically designed to provide relief for those who suffer from migraines, and they do so by blocking the right amount of blue light.

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Want to learn more?

You can shop for MiWear glasses online here:

If you or someone you love suffers from migraine headaches, consider trying MiWear glasses. To learn more, call or text Dr. Yesnick at 702-966-2020.

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