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Las Vegas Medical Eye Care Center

Welcome To Our Las Vegas Medical Eye Care Center

  • Advanced care for eye diseases
  • Experienced with virtually all eye emergencies
  • We accept most medical insurance plans
  • Using the latest technology

We also serve the neighboring communities of North Las Vegas, Nellis, Lake Las Vegas, and Boulder City.

Our optometrist, Dr. Yesnick, provides advanced medical eye care in Las Vegas. Our state of the art eye care center is the largest private clinic in las vegas, and we utilize the latest technology for the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye, Cataracts, Eye Allergies, Eye Emergencies, and more.


Second Opinion

There are many reasons to get a second opinion when it comes to Eye Care. In many cases, your original Optometrist may not specialize in the area of your situation or does not have the latest technology to get the full picture of your situation. If you felt rushed, left unclear about your condition, or are uncertain about the diagnoses or treatment options presented. Dr. Yesnick sees patients from all around the world for second opinions.

The Importance Of A Second Opinion
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Dry Eyes

Dry Eye is a disease that affects millions of Americans. Common symptoms include the feeling of something in your eye or grittiness, pain and discomfort, tearing, and burning.

During your exam, Dr. Yesnick will determine the right course of action for treating your dry eye symptoms. Common sufferers of dry eyes include the elderly, contact lens wearers, and people who spend a lot of time on a computer. If you experience dry eyes from contacts, tell our eye doctor.

More Information On Dry Eyes

Experiencing Eye Allergies?

Eye allergies are common, with many of the estimated 200 thousand Las Vegas allergy sufferers experiencing eye allergy symptoms. Our eye doctor will perform a comprehensive check to ascertain the best treatment options for your allergies allowing you to live symptom-free and enjoy the outdoors again. In addition to the treatment options, our optometrist will give you tips on preventing contact with known allergens.

Find Out More About Eye Allergies

Eye Surgery Management

Navigating eye surgery options such as choosing an Ophthalmologist, pre and post-operative care, and understanding the process, is a major undertaking.

Dr. Yesnick provides caring and professional guidance through the process, explaining and caring for every patient that is going through eye surgery. Choose experience and care, choose Dr. Yesnick for your eye surgery.

Understanding Eye Surgery Options
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Macular Degeneration

Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD is the most common form of vision loss in the elderly. Approximately 2 million Americans suffer from AMD which is expected to double over the next 2 decades. Dr. David Yesnick is passionate about AMD, and he has patients from all over the world who come for AMD treatment at his Macular Degeneration Center For Excellence.

YESnick Vision Center is the only optometry practice in Nevada to offer the CentraSight Implant for AMD.

LEARN MORE about amd


Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in people over 40 and the #1 cause of blindness. A natural part of the aging process they generally begin affecting vision around the age of 60. Cataracts tend to cause blurred vision but don't worry they are easily treated. In fact, cataract eye surgery is the most performed surgery in the United States.

Dr. Yesnick is widely referred to pre and post-operative care for cataract surgery.


Eye Emergencies

An eye emergency can be very stressful!

  • When do I need to visit the emergency room for an eye emergency?
  • Do I need to visit an eye doctor for pink eye or an eye infection?
  • I have dirt in my eye, should I see a doctor?

If you are experiencing any of the situations listed here, seek immediate emergency care. Please note the information on this page is for general information purposes and is not a substitute for medical advice from an eye doctor. If you are experiencing these symptoms during business hours call us at (702) 500-0525 if you cannot get through call or visit a local emergency room.

For eye emergency information for residents of Spring Valley, Las Vegas, and Summerlin visit here.

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Order Eye Vitamins

Ensuring that your eyes remain healthy means more than just showing up for a yearly eye exam. Our eyes require the proper nutrition for optimal function. A large study performed by the National Eye Institute showed the value of a combination of nutrients for the health of the macula.

The AREDS study definitively showed that taking the proper vitamin formula reduces the risk of macular degeneration by 25%, and can have a slowing effect on people who already have macular degeneration.

Order Vitamins Here

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