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What Should I Do If Something Is Stuck In My Eye

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When Something is Stuck in Your Eye

The first thing to remember when something gets into your eye is to not rub your eye. That’s because rubbing may lead to scratching and corneal abrasions. If children end up getting something in their eyes, take steps to ensure they do not rub their eyes. For infants, you can swaddle them.

Do not use cotton swabs or anything to remove things from your eyeballs.

Be sure to wash your hands before touching your eyes.

Locate The Stuck Object

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water.

  • Go to a well-illuminated area where you can see clearly in a clear mirror.

  • Focus your eyes in a direction opposite to where you can feel the object.

  • Open your eyes wide and try to find if there is anything.

  • Gently pull down your lower eyelid and see if you can find the object

  • Use a sterile cotton swab to gently fold your upper eyelid to see if there is anything below it. Note – do not touch the inside of your eyes with the cotton swab; use it only on your eyelid.

If The Stuck Object Is Small And Not Dangerous

  • Blink your eyes to let the tears and lubrication to work towards removing the object.

  • Flush your eyes with clean water for ten to fifteen minutes.

  • If the particle is stuck in your upper eyelid, gently pull the upper eyelid over your lower. When you let go, chances are that the object would come out.

  • If the object is on the pink part of your lower eyelid, you can use a sterile cotton swab on it. If you do so, be extremely careful not to touch the eyeball.

If The Stuck Object Is Embedded In Any Part Of The Eye

  • Do not try to remove it yourself.

  • If the object is small, bandage your eyes to restrict movement and chances of touching it.

  • If it is large, place a paper cup over it and tape it shut.

  • Call for emergency assistance.

If The Stuck Object Is A Chemical

  • Flush your eyes immediately with lukewarm water for a good 15 minutes.

  • Call for emergency medical assistance.

  • If possible, take the label of the product with you or, at least, know the name of it.

If The Stuck Object Is Dangerous Like Glass Or Wood

  • Do not attempt to remove it at home.

  • Tape your eyes shut with a bandage and if necessary, use a paper cup over it before you tape it shut.

  • Call for emergency medical assistance.

You Will Need To Call The Eye Doctor If:

  • A dangerous substance like chemicals, wood, or glass is stuck or embedded in your eye

  • You are unable to get small particles like dust out of your eye

  • An object has caused an injury to your eye like piercing or poking a hole in it.

  • There is bleeding
  • You still feel discomfort a couple of days after you removed something
  • You notice changes in vision
  • You are unable to close your eyes.
  • Read more about eye emergencies.

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