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Eye Conditions & Eye Diseases

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We Diagnose and Treat a Variety of Eye Conditions

Having regular eye exams is an important part of keeping your eyes healthy. When your eyes are cared for properly, they should provide you with a lifetime of vision. As one ages, certain things change, including your eyes. This can include the progression of certain common eye conditions. If you have been experiencing unusual symptoms, visiting Dr. YESnick for an exam may be the next best step.

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Our Las Vegas optometrists diagnose and treat the following types of eye conditions:

    • Diabetic eye disease - Diabetes Affects Your Eyes:

    • Eye infection
    • Red Eye
    • Foreign Body
    • Allergy Eyes
    • Dry Eyes
    • Post-Operative Eyes
    • Cataracts
    • Macular Degeneration - What is Macular Degeneration?


Diagnosis for eye condition is the first step towards getting the treatment you need. You should never ignore strange symptoms when it comes to your eyes. It's much better to check and be on the safe side, than to find out later on you could have taken preventative measures. Make your appointment right away by calling us at (702) 500-0525 or Book an Appointment right now!

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Call (702) 500-0525

Call (702) 500-0525