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Blue Light Protection In Las Vegas

Did you know that even 2 hours a day in front of a computer or phone can cause discomfort and place you or your child at risk of vision loss and eye disease?

Understanding the Danger Of Blue Light

Technology has advanced steadily and has become more affordable so we must count ourselves lucky to be living in the 21st century where we can do a lot even with our handheld devices alone.

The implication of this is that we spend more time daily looking into these devices and there are some consequences that are becoming obvious with time.

Blue Light Harms Our Eyes

Exposure to blue light is one major problem we have to deal with as individuals living in the digital age. On a daily basis we are exposed to this high energy light that has been found to be very detrimental to the eyes. The screens of digital devices like televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets and iPads are the major sources of blue light and we are all dependent on these devices for most of our daily activities.

Extended amounts of time spent staring at a computer screen or electronic device often comes with a price for your eyes. Many people complain about a variety of vision-related problems or annoying symptoms. Do you share these complaints? Schedule a consultation with your Las Vegas eye doctor to discuss your symptoms, lifestyle and any occupational hazards that may be contributing to Computer Vision Syndrome. We stay up-to-date with all the latest solutions and tips to alleviate your discomfort.

What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome?

With Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), the degree of irritation is typically proportionate with the number of hours spent using a computer. Once you reach a minimum of two continuous hours per day, you’re at an increased risk. Dr. Yesnick is experienced and knowledgeable about diagnosing and treating CVS. After a thorough eye exam in Las Vegas and vision testing to identify your particular problems, he’ll discuss the best treatment plan to bring you lasting relief.

As the leading and most advanced optometry practice in Las Vegas, you can count on the team at YESnick Vision Center to help with this modern, technology-related eye condition. Contact us to book your appointment.

Common Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

The usual symptoms of CVS range from mild to severe, depending upon how much time is spent with computers. Your individual eye health also plays a major role in determining the effects of CVS on daily life. Undetected or untreated vision conditions, such as presbyopia, astigmatism, farsightedness and poor eye coordination can all exacerbate the discomfort caused by regular computer usage.

Symptoms may include:

  • Eyestrain
  • Dry Eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches
Additional Causes of Computer Vision Syndrome

The behaviors involved with viewing a digital screen place high demands on your visual system. The font on your monitor may not be crisp, and reflections or glare may reduce the contrast between the text and the background. Your angle of viewing may also put extra strain on your eye muscles.

Naturally, vision problems that are not properly corrected will impact your performance when working in front of a computer screen. It’s important to make sure that your vision prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses is ideal for the placement of your monitor. If you find yourself leaning forwards to see better, or tilting your head, it’s a sign that something’s wrong! Awkward posture can lead directly to neck, back and shoulder pain. Dr. Yesnick will check your vision with a detailed eye exam in order to verify that your prescription is accurate and appropriate.

Diagnosis & Care For Computer Vision Syndrome

Dr. Yesnick will perform a comprehensive eye exam to inspect for signs of CVS. In particular, he’ll consider your visual requirements at the distance of a computer screen. Along with the information you provide about symptoms and your lifestyle habits, the results of your examination will determine if you’re one of the many who suffer from Computer Vision.

Treatment for CVS in Las Vegas

No all-inclusive cure is out there for the symptoms caused by using computers. However, the irritations and discomfort can usually be alleviated by skilled optical care and some necessary behavior changes.

Specialized eyeglasses or contact lenses are made for computer use. Available in prescription nd nonprescription versions, these may be suitable for you even if you don’t wear vision correction. A range of custom tints, lens powers and lens coatings can enhance your visual abilities and comfort level when viewing a computer.

If new eyewear doesn’t bring relief, Dr. Yesnick may recommend vision therapy. This program employs eye exercises to strengthen visual skills and address weaknesses in eye focusing, teaming and movement. Your whole eye-brain connection is reinforced.

We can also suggest many DIY techniques to resolve symptoms of CVS. Bringing an end to your CVS symptoms may be as simple as moving your furniture.  We’ll help you figure out the ideal placement for your computer screen, chair, keyboard, and where you place reference materials for your work. Lighting conditions in the room also affect your vision and can cause or eliminate eye strain. Remember to take enough breaks from your work; your eyes need time to rest and switch focus between near and far. And don’t forget to blink often enough to lubricate surface of your eyes.

Treating and managing Computer Vision Syndrome involves a mix of preventing and diminishing your symptoms. Dr. Yesnick’s eye exams and excellent eye care will go far towards relieving the pain of CVS. Contact us today for an appointment in Las Vegas!

Spending 2+ hours a day in front of digital device places you at risk of blue light damage and computer vision syndrome.

  • 72% of children under 18
  • 88% of 18-39 year olds
  • 83% of 40-59 year olds
  • 76% of 60+

What are some of the effects of blue light exposure?


The Dangers Of Blue Light

  • Macular Degeneration: The Schepens Eye Institute demonstrated that a low density of macular pigment may represent a risk factor for AMD by permitting greater blue light damage.
  • Cataracts: Recent research indicates a strong link between exposure to blue light and incidences of cataracts.
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Blue Light Protection Is Not Optional

Most of us spend a part, sometimes a large part, of our day in front of a computer screen, TV, tablet, or smartphone. The light from these digital device screens negatively affects our retina, and most of the long-term effects are unknown to us. You will start to feel discomfort, soreness, fatigue, and blurriness in your eyes at some point.

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Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

  • Use blue light lenses or glasses.
  • Limit screen time as much as possible.
  • Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away
  • Schedule yearly eye exams
  • Add warm lighting for your home and office to reduce blue light exposure.

blue light lenses

Essential Blue Series By Essilor

Unlike other solutions for filtering Harmful Blue Light, Essential Blue Series™ lenses let you enjoy your world through a clear lens—without a yellow tint. Available At Yesnick Vision Center in single vision and progressive lenses, Essential Blue provides comfort, clarity, without needing to be embarrassed when wearing blue light protection.

Eyezenplus ProductPage

Eyezen Lenses For Blue Light Protection

It utilizes the Smart Blue Filter™ feature, which reduces exposure to Harmful Blue Light by 20%. Eyezen™ enhanced single vision lenses provide sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses, reduce eye fatigue and eye strain and are available to everyone—whether you have a prescription or just want a pair of computer glasses. With this great product, our Las Vegas patients can keep their eyes protected from direct blue light exposure and eye strain.

biofinity energys
Biofinity Energys, Contact Lenses For Digital Eye Strain

Introducing the first contact lens designed specifically for digital device users.

  • Digital Zone Optics and Aquaform Technology help with tired dry eye associated with digital eye fatigue
  • Designed for all day use, allowing easy transitioning from near, to mid distance, to far distance viewing without added eye strain.
  • 8 out of 10 digital device users agreed that Biofinity Energys contact lenses made their eyes feel less tired.

Frequantly Asked Questions From Our Patients

What is Blue Light?

It is specific kind of light with shorter wavelengths of higher energy that has been found to cause a number of problems to the eyes.

What are the major sources of blue light?

Very little blue light comes from the sun. The major sources are Fluorescent lights and lights from the screen of digital appliances like computer and smartphones.

What is the healthy amount of time to be exposed to blue light?

Blue light is dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible so you need to minimize how long you stare into your screens.

What are the major negative effects of blue light?

The damage the retina and cause other problems such as eye straining and sleep disorders.

Are there ways to counter the negative effects of blue lights?

The best way to counter the negative effect of blue light is to use protective devices to minimize your exposure to it.

What exactly is computer vision syndrome?

This is a condition that results from staring into the screen of the computer or display devices for long period of time.

What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS)?

The major symptoms of CVS are tired eyes, headache, and burning sensations to the eyes.

Is there a direct relationship between computer vision syndrome and blue light?

Blue light definitely contribute CVS but there are probably some other factors that contribute to the symptoms such as posture, viewing distance, and lighting.

What sorts of eyewear or lenses can protect one from blue light?

There are coatings used on clear lenses as well as some protective built-in blue light lenses. There are also some screen protectors for computers and other display devices.

Should kids also use blue light protection?

Of course, kids should be protected from blue light as most of them use display devices even more than adults. They also have longer time to live and use these devices.

Should I buy screen protector online?

While the screen protectors sold online are mostly effective, it is important that you buy ones that have been tested to be sure of their absorption ability.

How exactly do computer glasses differ from regular glasses?

Computer glasses are optimized to take some of the strain on the accommodative system so that you don’t strain like when you use normal glasses.

Does computer glasses also address bad posture?

Computer glasses may help you not to strain too much, but it is unlikely that it will help with bad posture.

Do computer glasses also help with dry eyes?

There is no evidence that blue light affect eye dryness so it is unlikely that computer glasses will improve dry eyes.

Is it necessary to wear computer glasses even when I’m not using computer?

It may not be necessary to keep computer glasses on when you are not using the computer as they are designed for closer vision.

Do I need computer glasses with anti-reflective or blue light coating?

Both coatings address different issues so it is necessary that you get glasses that have both coatings.

My vision is perfect, do I still computer glasses?

Your computer glasses is meant to protect you from blue light so you need to use it even when your vision has not been affected.

I had Lasik, should I use computer glasses?

Of course, you will still need to protect your eyes even after any procedure; for the same reason an individual with perfect vision will need it.

Should individuals with presbyopia also use computer glasses?

Yes! Blue light will cause further damage so it is important that everyone uses computer glasses when using the computer.

I use the computer all day, is there something like designer computer glasses?

You need a good quality computer glasses and nothing else. It is more reasonable to contact your optometrist for the right blue light protective eyewear consultation.

Our optometrist, Dr. David Yesnick, has successfully helped many patients that come from all over Nevada including Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Henderson with blue blue light protection.

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