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Nevada's Only Low Vision Driving School


Dr. Yesnick and his team are highly experienced in creating the right visual aid that will allow you to drive again.Las Vegas Low Vision driving center

Yes, it is possible with our driving vision aids and ‘safe driving’ technology to be safe and legal to drive.

AAA Driving Academy is the ONLY drivers training clinic in Nevada, to keep visually impaired drivers safely and legally on the road. Additionally, any new driver of any age can now learn to drive and get their drivers’ license, using our hi tech safe drivers training car and our vastly experienced professional driver trainers.

We Provide:

  • New Driver Training and Certification
  • Senior Driver Re Education
  • Training and Certification
  • Visually Impaired Drivers Training and Certification
  • DMV Services

New Safe Driving Technologies are now available to retain your independence behind the wheel: Located inside the YESnick Vision Center in Las Vegas, Nevada our driving school was initiated as one more step to providing the highest quality eye care in the state of Nevada.

Additionally, AAA Driving Academy now offers classroom drivers training, featuring Las Vegas’ Only Driving Simulator, under the expertise of experienced instructors, in May 2017. To learn more about retaining your independence to drive, click here.

We Use the Latest Technology to Help You Drive Safely


Driving safe is our number one concern, and at Las Vegas’s AAA Driving Academy we are committed to that goal 100%.

  • Latest virtual driving technology.
  • Senior driving instructors with decades of experience.
  • Advanced cars for optimal training and safety.
  • The only low vision driving school in Nevada.

Watch to Learn More about our Low Vision Driving School

Our Virtual Driver Simulator

Virtual Driving Essentials is way more than just a driving simulator, its an immersive virtual learning experience designed to teach teen and adult drivers the critical skills essential to driving safely. Revolutionary new features such as real time violation tracking, a web based parental companion program, and pre and post assessment drives to prove the transfer of learning and mastery of the topics are included. This knowledge and skills based drivers training program, combines engaging curriculum, with the finest available graphics and simulation technology allowing students to learn and practice critical driving skills in a safe controlled environment.

Driver_Training_Simulator 330x150
  • Learn Hazard Detection Skills
  • Distracted Driving Dangers
  • Real Time Violation Tracking
  • Interactive and Engaging Learning
  • Variable Traffic Density
  • Unlimited Practice Driving
  • Skidding/Hydro Planing/Over correction
  • Ghosting and Slow Motion
  • Physics and Dangers of Speeding
  • Ability To Project to Large Audiences
mandriving2 330x150
  • Importance of Seat Belt Use
  • Web Based Parental Companion Program
  • Pre & Post Assessment Drives
  • City/Highway/Rural/Commercial
  • Parking Lots/Mountains/Residential
  • Advanced Weather Conditions
  • State of The Art Reporting System
  • Parallel Parking and Backing Dangers
  • Nearly unlimited scenarios

DMV Laws for Driving with Bioptic Telescope Glasses for Low Vision Drivers

Nevada State law For Driving With Telescope Glasses

The Nevada State law allows driving with low vision with visual aids such as bioptics with the following conditions.

If using a Bioptic telescope while driving in the State of Nevada, you will need to meet these requirements.

The best corrected vision of the applicant must be:

  1. At least 20/40 when looking through the telescopic device; and
  2. At least 20/120 when looking through the carrier lens.
    • The field of vision of the applicant must be at least 130 degrees.
    • The condition which is the nature of the applicant’s visual deficiency must be stable.
    • The applicant must pass a comprehensive road test to determine whether he or she is able to operate a motor vehicle safely while using the telescopic device and the carrier lens.

    (Added to NAC by Dep’t of Motor Veh. & Pub. Safety, eff. 11-7-95) 483. 405 Driver’s License Division, Las Vegas, Nevada

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