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Cataracts In Las Vegas

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Proper Eye Care for Cataracts

If you take care of your eyes properly, it is likely that you protect yourself from certain eye diseases and conditions. This includes wearing proper protection from the sun, while outdoors, to help prevent the formation of cataracts. Depending on the type of cataract, patients can experience different types of vision problems.

Dr. YESnick will diagnose your cataracts and make recommendations for treatment. If surgery, is required, rest assured that Dr. YESnick hand selects your eye surgeon for precision accuracy and compassionate care.


Common cataract symptoms include

Blurred vision, Double vision, Poor night vision, Sensitivity to light, and Fading of colors

Some people are not aware that they have a cataract until they have an eye examination. Vision can easily be restored by removing the non-cancerous cataract, with a simple surgical procedure. If you have been experiencing any of the common symptoms and suspect you may have a cataract, contact our office today.


Dr. YESnick assists you with ‘after cataract glasses’

Even after cataract surgery, eyeglasses are typically needed, especially for reading, computers and cell phones.

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