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Blind Breakfast

What is A Blind Breakfast?

A blind breakfast is an experiential learning process where special glasses are used to mimic the symptoms of different eye diseases. For example a person can experience the challenges of pouring a cup of coffee when their central vision is a black spot

“Our Blind Breakfast was a rousing success, raising funds to recover the visual independence of A.B. Hailey, who is deaf, visually impaired and mute, "AB" happily recovered his ability to see faces, read, see TV and computers with the use of his new IRIS VISION, an electronic wearable magnifier . Many thanks to all who made a difference in AB’s life.”.

How Can We Help Children With Low Vision?

At YESnick Vision, we are dedicated to helping patients with low vision that visit us from Las Vegas and all over the world. We experience on a daily basis the life changing affects of visual aids on the lives of every patient. Low vision is especially devastating for children, as 80% of school learning is visual.

Using the latest low vision aides and telescopes, children with low vision can now be at a more even playing field. For some children, the costs of low vision devices makes it impossible for them to get the device they need. Our hope is that as a community we can come together and provide children every opportunity for success that we can.

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I loved this office! The staff was amazing, so sweet and caring my doctor was also awesome. They made sure I knew and understood everything from the time I arrived up until the time I left. Guess who has 20/20, Meeeeee😆
1 day ago
- Chanell T.
I love this eye doctor Josie has been there for so many years and she always makes me feel good.. she def gives off that thia vibe... I just love her
1 day ago
- Candace F.