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eSight 3 Glasses Enable the Legally Blind to See

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Dr. Yesnick is Proud to Offer this Amazing Solution for Low Vision!

The eSight 3 is one of the most helpful and technologically advanced gadgets to hit the modern market of revolutionary devices. Created because “Everyone Deserves to See”, these electronic glasses let people who are legally blind to see. If you have low vision, eSight 3 will allow you to be independent and mobile as you engage in all the routines of daily life. At YESnick Vision Center, we are excited to introduce this incredible low vision device!

What is esight?

eSight 3 is a lightweight visor that you wear over your eyes. It looks like a combination of large-scale sunglasses and virtual reality goggles. You attach the eSight 3 to your regular prescription eyeglasses with a pair of magnetic, elastic bands. The visor sports a front-facing high-definition 1080p camera, which transmits a live feed to a processor in your pocket, purse or bag. The video feed is then sent back to a pair of OLED displays. There is no time delay between the camera and the screens, so images take on shape and full color in real time. You can also zoom in, as well as snap photos with the eSight 3.

eSight is hands-free, leaving you flexible to turn pages, flip stations, play sports, paint a picture and enjoy all your favorite hobbies. For many wearers, this incredible low vision device provides the ability to see the faces and features of beloved friends and family for the first time in years!

esight and macular degeneration

A range of culprits, including aging, eye trauma, Stargardt disease and other genetic disorders can cause macular degeneration, yet the result is the same. This progressive disease destroys clear eyesight and leads to low vision. It becomes impossible to see details, and in some cases (such as Stargardt disease), people will eventually develop color blindness and lose peripheral vision too.

With low vision, many tasks that used to be simple become very complicated. People often feel isolated, incompetent and lonely. For people who suffer from macular degeneration, the eSight 3 is a phenomenal life-changer! It will replicate sight and transform blurry objects into crisp forms, complete with fine details. Fuzzy images become sharp – and people with macular degeneration can read, perceive facial expressions and see the hands of a clock once again.

Versatile Low Vision Aid

The eSight 3 is unique in that it can automatically change focus between short-range vision to mid-range vision to long-range vision. This contrasts the way specialized magnifiers or telescopes generally offer acute eyesight for only one range. In practice, it means that the eSight 3 allows you to text on your smartphone and read small print, then look at a TV screen across the room, and then gaze out the window at distant scenery – without removing the eyewear or changing to a different low vision aid. Depending upon your particular needs and visual preferences, you can also control the contrast, brightness, focus, color and magnification (24x).

Meet Your Low Vision expert

Dr. David YESnick,, O.D.

Dr. David YESnick,, O.D.

“I find my work incredibly rewarding, and I feel that the most important service I can provide is to emphasize all the ways that you – my wonderful patients – can reduce your risk of developing many eye conditions, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and lazy eye, etc....

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eSight 3 in Las Vegas

If you have Low Vision caused by macular degeneration, eye trauma, Stargardt disease or another disorder, Dr. Yesnick can offer many aids and strategies to help restore your quality eyesight!

Contact our Las Vegas office for a free telephone consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for our eye care services and devices. We’ll evaluate your condition to see if eSight 3 is a good solution for you.

At YESnick Vision Center, Low Vision is our specialty!

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