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In April 2015 YESnick Vision Center’s Dr. Yesnick and Sandy Yesnick began the process of interviews which ended with them being chosen as part of Nevada’s first ever, Macular Degeneration Eye Care Team.

An All-Star Team of Eye Doctors known for their experience in providing outstanding and compassionate patient care. This Macular Degeneration Eye Care Team Includes:

  • Dr. Russell Jayne M.D. and Tim Tweito M.D., (Retinologist)
  • Dr. Jack Abrams M.D. and Dr. Peter Debry M.D. and Dr. Paul Casey M.D (Ophthalmologists)
  • Dr. David YESnick O.D. (Low Vision Optometry)
  • Sandy YESnick OTR/L SCLV, (Low Vision Therapist)

Seven highly trained, experienced eye care professionals dedicated to help you retain your visual independence due to macular degeneration. The team was chosen to be the only provider of this low vision telescope in the State of Nevada.

What is the CentraSight Implantable Miniature Telescope?

Macular degeneration in Las Vegas, the only team in las vegas for low vision

This incredible device is leading the way in medical technology, it is the first implantable medical device for those suffering end stage macular degeneration. It provides people with end stage macular degeneration the ability to see better and live a more independent life. The size of a pea, this implantable telescope is implanted in your eye and magnifies what you see, sending those images to the area of your eye unaffected by AMD. The implant allows you to use your eye normally for both close and far vision.

The benefits:

  • Average vision improvement of 3-4 lines on the eye chart.
  • Clinical trials showed a significant increase in the quality of life for those with the telescopic implant.
  • Minor 1 hour surgery
  • FDA Approved
  • Partially covered by Medicare
  • 12-16 weeks period of training and adjustment

Who is The CentraSight Implantable Miniature Telescope For?

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The CentraSight Implantable Telescope is intended for people with end stage macular degeneration. This is where macular degeneration effects sight in both eyes, causing central vision loss in both eyes. End stage macular degeneration effects around 500,000 people, who may be eligible for the implant. Since macular degeneration only gets worse with time (it is a progressive disease), it is the leading cause of blindness in elderly.

The following people may be eligible:

  • People with end stage macular degeneration
  • Meet the general health and age requirements
  • Have never had cataract surgery in the eye that will get the implant
  • Are no longer an eligible candidate for drug treatments for AMD

Call today or schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Yesnick to see if you are eligible for CentraSight.

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The Implantable Miniature Telescope Conference

The implantable miniature telescope for macular degeneration is here in Nevada

the panel of eye doctors at our conference on low vision and implantable telescopes in nevada

Our conference on macular degeneration in summerlin

The team assembled for the second time on December 3rd. Over 100 local residents attended the seminar at JW Marriott At The Resort At Summerlin in a ballroom donated by the upscale resort after management realized early on the significance of the seminar to the community.

Macular Degeneration is a serious disease that should not be taken lightly. It’s a degenerative condition, progressive. Irreversible deterioration impacts the central part of the retina, the macula, and results in vision distortion or loss of central vision. There is no cure.

As many as 11 million people are impacted by some form of Macular Degeneration today. More sobering is the projection of 196 million people worldwide being impacted by 2020 – in just 3 years.

Now, through CentraSight’s treatment program utilizing the IMT invented by VisionCare’s company founders Yossi Gross and Dr. Isaac Lipschitz, there is hope for improved vision, independence and quality of life for people impacted by Macular Degeneration.

The conference was a resounding success. The audience heard from the foremost experts in implantable technology that make up our team. Many attendees told us how excited they were with the information and saw hope for their vision.

What was presented:

  • Brief introduction of the Vision Recovery Center, hosting the event.
  • Thanks to everyone involved, most especially JW Marriott At The Resort At Summerlin for donating the ballroom.
  • Brief description of Macular Degeneration – including the number of people impacted today and the number projected to be impacted world wide in 3 years.
  • Formal introduction of the team.
  • Power point presentation of what the IMT is, the procedure and what to expect post procedure.

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