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Low Vision Assistance in Summerlin

senior difficulty readingAt YESnick Vision Center we provide Macular Degeneration & Low Vision Assistance in Summerlin. If you have macular degeneration, you may suffer from central vision loss. At Yesnick Vision Center, we understand how frustrating it can be to lose independence due to reduced vision. Tasks that used to be routine may now be challenging, such as reading, driving and watching television. However, there is no reason to cope with macular degeneration on your own. Located conveniently to serve Summerlin, our eye care center is dedicated to helping you maintain independence and improving your quality of life with a variety of low vision devices and types of low vision assistance.

Reading with Macular Degeneration

Many of our patients have experienced satisfaction and success with macular degeneration reading aids. Depending upon your condition and lifestyle needs, we will recommend the best magnification glasses for macular degeneration, and we’ll work with you patiently until you are comfortable using your new device.

Some people find it most efficient to use a wearable device, while others prefer a magnifier that stands on its own for reading small print or doing fine work, such as needlepoint or painting. Another convenient option is to carry around a handheld magnifying glass for macular degeneration. No matter where you are, such as shopping in the supermarket or reading the menu in a restaurant, it’s easy to take advantage of this portable low vision aid.

Macular Degeneration and Driving

For people who lived an independent and active life for many years, the inability to get around Summerlin on your own can be very distressing. That’s why Dr. Yesnick established the one and only drivers training clinic in Nevada that strives to keep people with visual impairments on the road – safely and legally! If macular degeneration has robbed you or a loved one of competent driving skills, we can help. With the aid of revolutionary driving simulation technology, we train people with low vision.

Also, we offer a range of low vision aids to get you back on the road, such as specialized glasses for driving. A number of types of glasses for driving are available, including telescopes, bioptics and prisms. In fact, people in Nevada with macular degeneration are permitted to use bioptics to drive, as long as they meet certain requirements.

Yesnick Vision Center is also proud to be the only team in the state to offer the CentraSight implantable telescope. This cutting-edge low vision aid is suitable for patients with advanced macular degeneration, and we are pleased to hear reports from many of our satisfied patients who now use CentraSight for activities such as driving.

If you have macular degeneration, we urge you to visit from Summerlin for a Low Vision consultation with Dr. Yesnick!

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