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Blind Breakfast Participant

When you see just how hard it is to eat breakfast with low vision you can really appreciate the urgency to help children for whom being unable to read makes it nearly impossible to succeed. Dr. Yesnick and his team are passionate about educating the public that no child should have to go without visual aids to help them reach their potential

- Steve

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I've been in vegas fifty seven years. In the past three years I visited three eye centers. I can say by far 100% this place.I would use it again and I'd highly recommend it.Very professional very timely very caring and very knowledgeable!!
5 days ago
- Gina M.
The doctor explained it very kindly and in detail, and the staff was also very kind and professional. I was very satisfied because they gave me several options when I got my glasses, so I could choose the one that best suited my situation.
7 days ago
- jean b.