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All are very professional

My husband & I are both VERY pleased with Dr. Yesnick’s care, and his staff! All are very professional, warm & friendly. The office is nice, clean & modern. The area for choosing glasses is a bit small. It only accommodates 2 people sitting side by side at a table, trying on glasses. So, if others are waiting to select glasses, you feel a little hurried. NOT by the staff.. they are wonderful, and very patient! But, just the situation of having only 2 seats, makes you feel that you’re holding up the others that are waiting. This is the first time I’ve ever needed glasses, so I had no idea what I wanted, and I know I spent a LONG time deciding on 2 pair. But, since it’s not an inexpensive purchase, and something you have to wear everyday… I didn’t want to rush through the decision. As I said… NO ONE rushed me! I just felt like I needed to “speed it up”, so someone else could have my seat at the table. But, with all that said, my husband & I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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