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Dr. David YESnick,, O.D.

Dr. David YESnick,, O.D.

“I find my work incredibly rewarding, and I feel that the most important service I can provide is to emphasize all the ways that you – my wonderful patients – can reduce your risk of developing many eye conditions, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and lazy eye, etc.

The way I see it, it’s rather simple. As humans, we’re all at risk for eye problems, in the same way, that being in a car raises your chances of being in a traffic accident. Just like you strap on a seat belt for safety, you need to take basic and real steps to protect yourself from ocular problems.

One safety precaution is to have routine eye exams performed. Good vision doesn’t always indicate good eye health. Only in-depth eye examinations can detect early warning signs of eye conditions. Keep in mind that if you receive an abnormal result from a routine eye exam, there’s a high chance that treatment can diminish or eliminate your risk of vision loss.

A healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking, goes far towards protecting your eyes. Think of it as the equivalent of defensive driving! Finding a quality optometrist who you can depend upon and visit regularly for “eye wellness” check-ups, is just as important.  A comfortable, open line of communication between you and your eye doctor is critical.

If you have any worrisome visual symptoms, you need to share them with your optometrist. That’s the only way to find out if these symptoms are related to eye disease or not. Reading descriptions of eye conditions on the internet or listening to stories about people who lost their vision to eye disease, is not the way to get genuine help!  

When untreated, eye disease can result in vision loss and blindness. But my job and passion are to help people get better. I work with my patients, and they tend to reorient their lives around what matters to them. It brings me true joy to see them recover their visual independence!

I look forward to seeing you and caring for your eyesight!”

Warm regards,

Dr. David YESnick, O.D.


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