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Spy Optic, Inc.

Top-ranking sports eyewear in
Las Vegas, Nevada

Spy Optic, Inc. creates aesthetic, progressive sports eyewear made to fit the extreme action and fashion of the contemporary youthful lifestyle. Based in Southern California, their main products are sports goggles and sunglasses, all constructed from advanced materials and precise optical lens engineering.

In 1994, the original founders of Spy Optic followed their vision to create better, tougher sunglasses without compromising on eyewear personality.

As passionate outdoorsmen and business entrepreneurs, this group of sports enthusiasts attracted the collaboration of the world’s best surfing, snowboarding, and motorsports athletes to design the Spy brand.

orange SPY optics sunglasses

Who are some of the elite athletes behind Spy designer sunglasses?

  • Snowboarders Shaun Palmer, Marc Frank Montoya, Victoria Jelouse,
    and David Carrier-Porcheron
  • Surfers Sunny Garcia and Malloy brothers
  • Motocross driver Jeremy McGrath
  • BMX rider Jamie Bestwick
  • NASCAR drivers Richard “The King” and son Kyle Petty
  • Skateboarder Danny Way
  • Indy Car superstars Christain Fittipaldi and Paul Tracy

Spy takes pride in fitting athletes with cutting-edge style and technology. Their Happy Lens technology harnesses the benefits of long-wave blue light, at the same time providing protection from dangerous short-wave blue light.

Their patented Scoop® technology revolutionized sunglasses frames, and the Spy Scoop® venting system fights fogging by channeling air between the lens and the wearer’s face. Their premium injected Trident polarized lenses are superior to other brands on the market, eliminating more than 99% of glare.

Additionally, Spy’s top-of-the-line snow goggles feature an anti-scratch and anti-fog lens that offers spectacular, unobstructed peripheral vision.

spy optics sunglasses on dock

In 2005, Spy purchased LEM S.r.l., an Italian sunglass and goggle manufacturer, and a majority of Spy’s unique sunglasses are now hand-crafted at this plant. Recently, Bollé Brands purchased Spy Optics – look out for their continued drive to be a leading key player in the global sports and lifestyle eyewear market.

Find the best pair of Spy sunglasses to boost your energetic lifestyle at our Las Vegas, Nevada, optical store!

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