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First-rate Selection of Protective Glasses & Goggles in Las Vegas, Nevada

Estimates state that approximately 1,000 eye injuries occur daily in workplaces across the country – and construction is one of the most dangerous industries. Construction workers confront almost every eye hazard possible on a regular basis, such as liquid splash from toxic chemicals, flying debris, ultraviolet radiation (UV) from overexposure to sunlight, and infrared radiation from torch welding and cutting.

Whether you work as a welder, insulator, plumber, painter, glazer, electrician, or on-site supervisor, you need safety eyewear for construction workers. To protect your precious peepers against injuries on the job, visit our experienced optical team at Yesnick Vision Center. We feature a wide range of protective glasses and goggles that meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Safety Eyewear Must Suit Your Specific Job

One of the main reasons for eye injuries is not wearing the right kind of safety eyewear! Even if you are vigilant about covering your eyes, the wrong type of safety eyewear for construction work can be just as dangerous.

According to OSHA regulations, employers must provide workers with the appropriate type of eye protection. Additionally, the safety eyewear has to fit correctly to be effective – with frames, straps, and all parts fitting snugly and comfortably. Our Las Vegas, Nevada, team will help fit you with the most suitable kind of safety eyewear for the specific work that you do.

Types of safety glasses and goggles

A variety of different designs are out there. Here’s a review of the most common kinds of safety eyewear for construction workers:

Safety Glasses

  • Provide low-impact protection

  • Can be crafted with prescription lenses, if necessary

  • Can be made from metal or plastic

  • Don’t prevent small particles from entering your glasses from the sides, unless you choose a design with side protection

  • Clear lenses provide standard protection, but tinted lenses (such as amber, gray, or brown) and UV protection may be more helpful for different lighting conditions.

  • Can be used with face screens to protect your entire face against flyaway objects and heat

Safety Goggles

  • Completely cover the eyes and surrounding area

  • Ideal for keeping out airborne debris and dust

  • Can fit over prescription glasses

  • Come in stiff and flexible versions

  • Clear lenses

  • Can have direct, indirect, or no ventilation

  • Can be used with face screens to protect your entire face against flyaway objects and heat

Features for your safety eyewear

We stock our Las Vegas, Nevada, collection of protective eyewear with only the best durable products that meet OSHA regulations, with a range of essential features.

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  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wearing

  • Rubber temples and nose pieces for a pinch-free fit

  • Different sizes to fit different faces

  • UV protection for construction workers who spend the day outdoors

  • Adjustable models that allow you to change the angle of vision

  • Side coverage to prevent chemicals and debris from sneaking in from the sides

  • Anti-fog, anti-glare, and scratch-resistant lens coatings

  • Impact-resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses

  • Prescription safety glasses for people who need vision correction


Safety eyewear for construction work has come a long way since the days of bulky, heavy glasses! Visit Yesnick Vision Center to choose from our up-to-date collection.

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