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​Have a vision problem or eye health concern? Our Telemedicine service allows you to connect with Dr. Yesnick directly. A call costs $50 for every 15 minutes.

This call can be done over the computer or cell phone. Call our office on how to schedule your Telehealth call.

What's Services are Provided through Telemedicine? Any eye health or vision issue!

If eye health-related, then use your cell phone camera to take a close up of the affected eye send the picture through Skype, Facetime, or WhatsApp during the telehealth call.

Note: Make sure to share which symptom(s) you have with Dr. Yesnick on your upcoming Telehealth call: Red eye; itching; swelling; pain, irritation; foreign body sensation, tearing, crusting, vision change.

Call our office, at (702) 966-2020, to select which day and time for your telemedicine call.

Payment: Call us to pay by phone when confirming your appointment or pay online here. A call costs $50 for every 15 minutes.

Note: We are accepting health insurance as part of your telemedicine appointment. Have your health insurance card ready when you call.

Preferred Method of Contact:

  • Skype (Video Call through Phone or Computer)
  • Facetime (iPhone only)
  • Telephone (Audio Only)
  • Whats App (For iPhone/Android Users).

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