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Pink Eye Study

YESnick Vision Center Invites Participants in Pink Eye Study

January 2019 – The most common symptoms of pink eye, officially termed conjunctivitis, include red eyes, swollen eyelids, mucus oozing out from the eye, and itchiness. Although this irritating eye ailment is typical and widespread, there is no ready-made medicine to treat all cases. In response to this, clinical trials to design advanced and effective cures for pink eye are presently ongoing – and YESnick Vision Center, the leading optometric practice in Las Vegas, is a proud participant in these studies.

Medical manufacturers are investigating a range of pink eye treatments that are immediate and effective, and a select number of optometry practices have been chosen to partner in this research. Individuals in the Las Vegas area who think they may have pink eye are invited to contact Dr. Yesnick to inquire about their eligibility for the trial. To be a part of this current pink eye study, the patient must contact Dr. Yesnick within two days after the symptoms first appear and prior to the start of any treatment.

Patients who are good candidates and join the study will benefit from Dr. Yesnick’s expert eye care services, cutting-edge treatment for pink eye, comprehensive follow-up visits, and reimbursement for their time!

“If you suspect that you have an eye infection – it is critical to seek a professional diagnosis as soon as possible,” says Dr. David Yesnick. “When you follow the advice of your eye doctor, conjunctivitis usually clears up quickly and with no lasting complications.”

Pink eye can result from a variety of causes, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, environmental irritants, allergies, and a reaction to medication. In general, the specific cause of pink eye determines the treatment. For example, bacterial conjunctivitis is treated by antibiotics, but when it is a viral infection treatment involves waiting for the virus to run its course. At YESnick Vision Center, Dr. Yesnick will perform a thorough eye exam to identify the type of pink eye in order to recommend the most suitable treatment.

Patients who experience the symptoms of conjunctivitis are encouraged to contact Dr. Yesnick as soon as possible to inquire about participation in the pink eye study. Call 702-966-2020, or contact the optometry practice online:

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