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OrCam MyEye Gives New Sight to Patients with Visual Impairments

Glasses For The Blind? YES!

YESnick Vision Center is honored to be the first practice chosen in Nevada to offer the revolutionary OrCam MyEye. Dr. David Yesnick, O.D., and Sandy Yesnick, OTR/L SCLV, were chosen due to their leading efforts for the visually impaired.

“Although we cannot correct Low Vision, the new OrCam device allows us to upgrade patients’ independence and quality of life,” says Dr. Yesnick. “We specialize in helping patients with Low Vision, and this innovative visual aid offers exceptional benefits!”

With OrCam MyEye, science and computers come together beautifully to improve the lives of people challenged by visual impairment.

Regain independence!

  • Read from any surface
    OrCam MyEye can read text “in the wild” – newspapers, books, signs, menus, supermarket product labels and even text on a computer or smartphone screen.
  • Identify your objects
    Personalize OrCam MyEye by teaching it to identify previously entered consumer products, credit cards and even pre-loaded money notes to make shopping, dining and paying quicker, easier – and more assured.
  • Recognize known faces
    Now there’s no more uncertainty of who is standing before you. Previously stored faces are recognized and announced once in the OrCam MyEye smart camera’s view.

It is easy to use and all you have to do is point.

Orcam glasses for the blind in Nevada
OrCam MyEye consists of a mini-camera that is clipped to your eyeglasses (and if you don’t wear glasses, we can help you select a frame that fits you). A thin cable connects the camera to a pocket-sized computer base unit, which fits discreetly into the wearer’s pocket or handbag. OrCam reads the words or products aloud and transmits the information to the user via a tiny, discreet speaker next to the ear.

OrCam MyEye is activated by a simple intuitive gesture – pointing your finger or pressing a single button. Whether it’s to read text, recognize a familiar face or identify a product, OrCam MyEye responds instantly.

Most alternative visual and reading aids depend on cumbersome equipment that works only in controlled circumstances. Software apps are also available, yet they provide limited usage on smartphones. OrCam can be used – at home, in the office, at school, in a grocery store, on a street, in a restaurant, on the airplane – everywhere!

Patients Speak about the OrCam MyEye


“Sitting at a restaurant with a friend and using OrCam MyEye meant that we didn’t have to focus on my disability because I was able to read the menu on my own.” – Debbie S.


“I enjoy using my OrCam MyEye to read newspapers and magazines that I once had such a difficulty reading. OrCam has given me newfound sense of freedom and independence that I did not have before.” – Elizabeth N.

Is OrCam Is Right For You? Talk To Our Low Vision Doctor Today.

Contact us in our Las Vegas office to learn more about OrCam and to discuss how it can help you!

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Questions And Answers From Our Las Vegas Low Vision Eye Doctor

Who is OrCam For?

A) OrCam glasses are great for people who are visually impaired, such as those that have macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa. For people with low vision or those who are blind, reading can be difficult and doing day to day things such as recognizing faces or reading labels can make a simple task an impossible chore. With OrCam glasses you will have the independence and freedom to shop, play cards, read books, use the internet and much more.

Are OrCam Glasses Covered By Insurance?

A) While the low vision evaluation may be covered by insurance the cost of OrCam glasses is not currently covered by most insurance companies. Because insurance policies change regularly we urge you to call us and let us find out for you exactly what is and is not covered by your insurance.

Are OrCam Glasses Hard to Use?

A) The great thing about OrCam glasses is they interact with the world in the most simple and natural way. Just point at the text and OrCam reads to you. While there is training we have found that even the most technologically illiterate patient found OrCam Glasses very easy to use.

Should I Travel To Las Vegas Or Should I Visit My Local Optometrist or Ophthalmologist?

A) Dr. Yesnick is a world renowned low vision specialist. He is the founder of a low vision non profit, a low vision driving school, and was chosen as a member of the only IMT team in Nevada. His Low Vision practice in Nevada has patients from all over the world who seek his opinion on everything low vision. Because the decision regarding what low vision aids will be most helpful to you is so important, it is essential that you visit and eye doctor who is highly specialized in the topic and understands all the latest products.

Do OrCam glasses work with hearing aides?

A) OrCam glasses work with hearing aids. However OrCam glasses are not a good solution for someone who is deaf as they convey information using sound that is transmitted with bone conducting technology.

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