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Low Vision Services for Henderson, NV

Low Vision can turn many day-to-day activities into a frustrating challenge. You may no longer be able to navigate typical tasks successfully or safely, such as reading, writing, watching TV, driving, and even crossing the street. Not only is it depressing for many people to lose their independence from low vision, but it can also be dangerous. However, our low vision specialist is there to help you enjoy doing the things you love once again! We offer a vast array of low vision rehabilitation services and visual aids for Henderson, NV. Visit our Low Vision Center to regain independence and boost your quality of life!

Dr. David Yesnick, caring and qualified eye doctor at YESnick Vision Center, is one of only a handful of optometrists in Nevada who treat low vision. With more than a decade of experience in the field, he has assisted many individuals to maximize their remaining sight and elevate their quality of life.

Low Vision Consultation

Low vision can result from various eyesight problems, including retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and normal aging. We strive to optimize your sight, no matter what the cause. Call to book a free telephone interview with Dr. Yesnick! If he decides that you are a good candidate for our low vision services, we will invite you to schedule a comprehensive examination.

Dr. Yesnick will meet with you to assess your vision and discuss your lifestyle requirements. Based on the results of this evaluation, we will match you with the most helpful low vision devices and personalized strategies.

Low Vision Aids & Devices for Henderson, NV

Different options are available to assist people with visual impairments, such as telescopes for seeing far and telemicroscopic glasses for seeing up close.

We offer:

  • Specialized Glasses – Prisms, Telescopes, Readers, and more! We will recommend the best low vision glasses to target the particular tasks you need to do – such as driving, seeing faces, watching TV, or just walking safely.
  • Magnifiers (handheld, stand-alone, and wearable): These high-powered magnifying aids can assist with tasks such as reading, shopping and errands.
  • Computer Software: We will train you to use the latest technologies to stay connected with friends and family, as well as use a computer for anything you want to do.

Low Vision Driving School

YESnick Vision Center runs a unique driver’s training center in Nevada, where we are committed to keeping visually impaired drivers on the road – legally and safely. We have a professional team of instructors and the only Driving Simulator in the state. We also issue new driver training and certification, DMV services, re-education for senior drivers, and specialized training and certification for drivers with visual impairments.

It’s Worth it to Travel from Henderson for YESnick’s Low Vision Care!

About one quarter of patients journey to our office to benefit from our Low Vision services. Look at why:

  1. Our Vision Recovery Center non-profit organization enables everyone to enjoy improved vision.
  2. We bring our patients an incredible range of the latest low vision devices.
  3. We are the largest private optometry practice in Las Vegas.
  4. We offer the only Low Vision Driving School.
  5. Our office has cutting-edge technologies for low vision, such as OrCam and eSight 3.
  6. We accept many low vision insurance plans.

At YESnick Vision Center, we understand that reduced eyesight can be isolating and lonely. That’s why we address this condition with compassion, bringing you or your loved one the low vision assistance you deserve.

What is there to see in Henderson, NV?

Now that you have the low vision rehabilitation and devices to help sharpen your sight, it’s time to look around! Henderson has a fantastic display of natural and man-made attractions. In general, this city is known as a relaxed, suburban place not far from the lively glitz of the Vegas Strip. As the second largest city in Nevada, Henderson offers winding trails through spectacular parks, lush golf courses, mountainous terrain cut through with canyons, mouthwatering BBQ, and of course – gaming of its own.

The Glorious Outdoors in Henderson

No less than seven golf courses are spread throughout Henderson, NV. You can tee off at the 18 holes at Black Mountain or head to the exquisitely landscaped Desert Willow Golf Course. When you are in the mood to stroll but not to golf, we recommend exploring the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This man made reservoir has stunning scenery, with high desert cliffs, coves and creeks, and boating on the sparkling waters of Lake Mead. While you’re there, pop into the Alan Bible Visitor Center to view educational exhibitions about the local plant life and renewable energy production. Of course, we can’t discuss the outdoor wonders of Henderson without mention of the Hoover Dam, located about a half-hour drive from the center of the city. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views, as well as a fascinating look at the engineering history.

Come Up Close to Wildlife

The Lion Habitat Ranch is one of the most popular attractions in Henderson. There are about 40 lions to meet and observe. If you’d prefer to gaze at tamer creatures than these roaring beasts, join the many peace-loving bird-watchers at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. Walk the wetlands trails to stop at countless viewing stations constructed over the waters.

Nightlife Excitement

Even though Sin City is about 16 miles away, you don’t need to travel out of Henderson to try your luck at the tables. Clicking roulette wheels and jackpot prizes await at the M Resort Casino, which attracts visitors to enter its ultra-sleek glass and steel building. There are plenty of restaurants and grills here too, alongside classy cocktail bars and opulent hotel suites.

When the craving for good ‘ole American BBQ hits you, pull up a seat at Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ – complete with flashing neon signs, classic fan art, deep fried shrimp, and their signature Four Alarm Burger. This famed eatery is located only a 7-minute drive from YESnick Vision Center, direct along Co Rd 215N.

Out-of-Sight Optical and Eye Care Near Me!

We look forward to helping you make the most of your vision at YESnick Vision Center. Whether you need low vision services, a comprehensive eye exam, or new designer eyeglasses, it’s easy to fit us into your fun-filled day in Henderson, NV.

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