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Low Vision Insurance

Is Low Vision Care Covered by My Las Vegas Insurance?

We specialize in providing low vision care, also called vision rehabilitation, at YESnick Vision Center. Our services help to make the most of the remaining sight of someone who is visually impaired. In general, low vision care consists of a thorough eye exam and professional evaluation, along with the recommendation of different low vision aids, training, and other various techniques.

Low Vision Exams:

  • Medicare and the majority of state Medicaid programs will usually pay for a low vision exam by your eye doctor, as well as for any associated occupational therapy. Some private insurance plans (not most) will also reimburse for your low vision exam and advice.
  • Most private insurance plans cover the part of your eye exam related to ocular pathology, but not the part related to low vision refraction. That’s because the refractive parts of a low vision eye exam are much more comprehensive and time-consuming than a normal refraction procedure.
  • For example, Aetna Vision typically covers low vision testing and evaluations, as well as instruction in how to optimize use of visual aids.

Low Vision Aids:

  • Low vision aids are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other private insurance programs, and patients are responsible for purchasing these devices.
  • While most insurance plans do not include low vision devices, such as magnifiers or specialized non-optical devices (like large-print books and audio machines), the instruction in how to use these visual devices is often covered.

Las Vegas Insurance

Coverage varies widely, and you need to check your individual provider for details. Also, policies differ by state, and our staff is knowledgeable about all the details and fine print of low vision insurance in Nevada. Please ask us for assistance and we’ll be happy to review your policy with you. We are always watching out for ways to help our Low Vision patients reduce the expense of optimizing their eyesight.

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