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CentraSight Telescopic Implant For Macular Degeneration

What Is a CentraSight Telescopic Implant?

low vision specialtyA CentraSight Telescopic Implant is an innovative treatment for people suffering from end-stage AMD or age-related macular degeneration.

The treatment makes use of a miniature telescope called the Implantable Miniature Telescope, developed by Dr. Isaac Lipshitz, which is FDA and CE approved. The aim of the implant is to improve near and distance vision in people who have no central vision in both eyes due to last stage AMD.

How Does It Work?

In a patient who has lost central vision in both eyes to AMD, the CentraSight IMT lens is implanted in one eye. It works in this eye to provide a significant part of the central vision. The patient uses the other eye for peripheral vision.

This device behaves like a telescope. It can magnify an image by 2.7X. The magnified object targets the areas of the retina that are not affected by AMD, thus allowing some vision. Patients have been seen to gain four or more lines of vision using the CentraSight IMT.

Where Can CentraSight IMT Help?

The IMT can help patients by improving the ability to:

  • Recognize peoples’ faces
  • Read
  • Watch TV
  • Hobbies like knitting, gardening, and painting

Which Activities Can I Still Not Do?

The IMT is not a cure and it will not restore all your lost vision but you should expect to be able to do all that you haven’t been doing. There are some expectations from the device:

  • Driving - you cannot drive because your vision cannot be fully restored and your field of view remains restricted
  • Playing sports like tennis and golf
  • Replacing the use of magnifying glasses - you may still have to use your magnifying glasses

Before going for the treatment, you can have an evaluation, which makes you aware of the realities expected from the use of the CentraSight IMT. You will have tests which can simulate what you will see with the device.

Am I Eligible For The CentraSight IMT?

Centrasight implant for macular degenerationIf you fulfill the following requirements, you are a possible candidate to consider using this device:

  • You have end-stage AMD due to dry or wet AMD and it cannot be reversed
  • You do not use treatment in the form of drugs for your AMD
  • You have not had cataract operation in the eye where you want the IMT.
  • You are at the right age and you fulfill the health and vision requirements

Once your Las Vegas optometrist decides you are a good candidate for the CentraSight treatment, you and your support team can discuss the possible benefits and decide whether the treatment will be of help to you. Tests can be conducted and you can have a simulation test to see what exactly you can expect from the device.

The entire process of the treatment involves four stages

  1. Diagnosis to see if you meet all the basic criteria by looking at your medical history and your health condition. This also involves evaluation to see if you are a potential candidate and a discussion about the benefits and risks of the treatment
  2. Consultation with a low vision specialist and an external telescope simulation
  3. The actual implantation
  4. Rehabilitation and further training to get used to your day-to-day life with the implant.

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