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Eyezen® Kids Lenses


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Eyezen® Kids lenses are uniquely designed for children ages 6 to 12 years old. This new enhanced single vision lens takes into account essential children’s parameters to provide them with a better all-around visual experience.

Eyezen® Kids lenses also have a built-in blue light filter that helps reduce their exposure to Harmful Blue Light coming from light sources like the sun and digital devices.

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Addressing the unique vision needs of children

Children’s facial features and the way they use their eyeglass lenses differ from adults – and they should have a lens that is optimized for their vision needs. Eyezen Kids lenses take the unique features and visual behaviors of children into account:


Children’s facial features differ from adults’ as they continue to grow.

Object Distance

Children’s arms are shorter, so they look at objects at a closer distance than adults.

Gaze Directions

Children are eye movers and use the upper area and periphery of the lens more than adults.

Eyezen Kids lenses provide them with a better all-around visual experience compared to standard single vision lenses.

The Eyezen® Kids Lens Design

The Eyezen Kids lens design utilizes two reference points (vs. one in a standard single vision lens) to provide optimal correction across the entire lens, maintaining the individual’s prescription across a greater area of the lens surface

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EyeZen Lenses for Kids - New for 2022!

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Eyezen Kids lenses should always be paired with a Crizal® No-Glare coating and are also available in the Transitions™ Signature® GEN8™ iconic colors.

Patient Benefits:

  1. Takes into account the unique features and visual behaviors of children
  2. Provides a larger area of sharper vision across the lens surface
  3. Better visual acuity in the lower area of the lens
  4. Helps reduce exposure to Harmful Blue Light
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