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Dry Eye Syndrome


Treatment for Dry Eye Symptoms, in Las Vegas

Colorful Eye Grey Photo 1280x480Dry eyes are extremely common in the US, with experts estimating about five million people suffering from the irritating symptoms! In the dry, arid climate of Las Vegas, many patients visit YESnick Vision Center with dry eye complaints. Dr. David Yesnick is experienced and skilled at diagnosing and treating this annoying problem. If you have dry eyes and want relief, we’ll examine your eyes and recommend the best treatment.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Everyone presents different, unique symptoms of dry eyes. However, the most common signs are:

  • Stinging or burning
  • Scratchy sensation
  • Constant need to blink
  • Pink or red eyes
  • Contact lenses are uncomfortable
  • Rubbing your eyes all of the time
  • Blurry vision
  • Very watery eyes (dry eyes can stimulate excess tear production)
  • Feeling that sand or grit is stuck under your eyelid

Dry eyes are not typically dangerous, yet the symptoms can be very annoying and disruptive to daily living. If the above symptoms sound familiar to you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Yesnick for a full eye exam.

Causes of Dry Eye

The most effective way to treat dry eyes is to first determine the cause. In our Las Vegas optometry practice, we’ll perform a comprehensive eye exam – as well as discuss your lifestyle, general health, allergies and environment in order to identify the culprits of your dry eye syndrome.

Usual causes for dry eyes include:

  • Environments with low humidity, extreme temperatures, strong winds and/or high pollution
  • Extended time spent viewing a computer or reading (both cause reduced blinking)
  • Contact lenses
  • A problem with your tear-producing glands
  • Aging, specifically with females
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Smoking, or being around cigarette smoke
  • Post-LASIK surgery

Dr. Yesnick Diagnoses Dry Eye Syndrome in Las Vegas

After listening closely to your symptoms, Dr. Yesnick may have enough information to make a diagnosis. Additionally, he may use specialized procedures such as the Schirmer test, which involves placing a thin strip of filter paper along the edge of your eyelid. Measurements such as the amount of moisture in your eyes, quality of your tear composition, and rate at which your tears evaporate all provide significant information for a diagnosis of dry eye syndrome.

We’ll Help Relieve Your Irritated Dry Eyes!

Although there’s currently no full cure for dry eyes, Dr. Yesnick will offer a range of remedies and treatments to alleviate your pain. Taking your health condition and lifestyle habits into consideration, we’ll customize a treatment plan for you in our Las Vegas clinic.

Medicines for dry eyes include:

  • Antibiotics to reduce the bacteria in your eyes that can destroy healthy lipids, thereby decreasing the quality of your tears
  • Eye lubricants
  • Artificial tear inserts (inserted like contact lenses) that release moisture gradually into your eyes
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs that can trigger and enhance natural tear production

Punctal Plugs

Dr. Yesnick may recommend performing a quick in-office procedure called punctal plug insertion. This describes a method of sealing your punctum, which is the tiny opening in the corner of your eyelids. Punctal plugs are composed of silicone and can be temporary or long-term. By blocking the punctum, tear drainage is prevented and more moisture is dispersed across the surface of your eyes.

Tips to Relieve Dry Eye Irritation at Home

Do you find it difficult to read, watch TV, or long distances? Dry eyes can impact the comfort level of many regular daily tasks. In addition to the dry eye treatment prescribed by our eye doctor, some of these tips may be helpful:

  • Install an air filter to remove irritants from your atmosphere
  • A humidifier (both at home and at work) will add moisture into the air, thereby slowing the evaporation of your tears
  • Use artificial tears and other over- the-counter solutions. However, be sure to check with our optometrist about which brands are best for your personal condition.
  • Put on a pair of sunglasses to block UV rays and wind
  • Drink, and drink more. It’s helpful to stay well hydrated.
  • Eye vitamins and fish oil supplements - available from YESnick Vision Center’s Store - have been shown to relieve dry eye

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For lasting relief from the irritating symptoms of dry eyes, contact us to reserve an appointment with Dr. Yesnick. We keep up-to-date with all the latest dry eye treatment. Serving Las Vegas, Summerlin and Spring Valley, we’re here to help you see sharp with eyes that feel great!

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