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How To Use a Warm Compress Correctly For Dry Eye

Eyelid Warming Masks for Dry Eye

A warm compress eye mask can alleviate much of the pain caused by dry eye syndrome. Meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis are common causes of dry eyes, and masks that heat your eyelids are a natural way to provide soothing relief. Warmth radiates from the eye masks, helping to improve oil gland function, unblock meibomian glands, slow tear evaporation and stabilize the tear film. After a short period of wearing these masks, your eyes will feel comfortably hydrated, as well as be able to clear themselves of debris and bacteria more effectively.

Eyelid Foam Cleansers and Wipes

Bacteria naturally live on your eyelids, but when they multiply too much it can lead to blepharitis – a painful condition characterized by red, inflamed eyelids and dry eye irritation. Eyelid cleansers – foams and wipes – help to reduce the amount of bacteria on your eyelids, calming your eyelids and eyes. Eyelid cleansers are recommended for the management of uncomfortable dry eye symptoms, such as itching, swelling and redness. Composed of gentle ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive eyes, foams and wipes work to cleanse, soothe and moisturize the entire ocular area, removing oil and debris and stimulating lubricating meibomian gland secretions.

Lubricating Eye Drops – Dry Eye Treatment

Artificial tears eye drops help to moisturize dry eyes by supplementing your natural tears. Whether your painful dry eyes are the result of aging, a health condition, specific medications, eye surgery or environmental factors – such as an arid or windy climate – lubricating eye drops can offer relief. Artificial tears are non-prescription eye drops, and a variety of types are available – with and without preservatives. Ask your eye doctor which kinds are best for you. In addition to adding moisture to your eyes, some eye drops decrease the evaporation rate of tears, and others promote healing. Each person needs to find the brand that works best for their eyes.

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