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Scleral Contact Lens Supplies

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Lens Supplies

Scleral Contact Lens Supplies

• Scleral Contact Lenses require specific cleaning and handling tools
• Designed for ocular surface conditions or diseases
• Scleral Contact Lenses are not inserted or removed like regular soft lenses
• Doctor prescribes Preservative-Free Solution Only

Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tools

Insertion Tool - replace every 3 months

Insertion Tool

Removal Tool - replace every 3 months

Removal Tool
Tangible Cleaner

Tangible Cleaner

• Daily Cleaning and disinfection solution
ideal for scleral contact lenses.

• Each bottle lasts about 2 months and
includes a contact lens storage case
(replace case each time a new bottle is

ScleralFil Preservative- Free Saline for Scleral Contact Lenses

• Buffered Preservative Free Saline
available in a daily unit dose pack of 30.
• For rinsing and insertion of scleral
contact lenses

ScleralFil Preservative
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Nutrifill Preservative Free Saline

• Nutrifill Preservative Free Saline is
Doctor recommended. Best for dry desert

Oasis Preservative Free Lubricating Drops

Doctor recommended preservative-free
lubricating drops to be used with and
without contact lenses
• Keeps lenses comfortable
• Non-medicated, OTC, can be used as
much as needed
• Recommended use of twice to four
times daily or as needed

Oasis Preservative

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