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Meet Dr. David YESnick

logo 1000 ffccccccTransparent 3333 0 20 3 1eye doctor las vegasWhen it comes to your eyes, you deserve to work with a qualified
eye doctor
that can truly help you maintain your vision and fix any conditions that
might threaten it. Dr. YESnick is one of these eye doctors and he continuously
works hard to ensure that every single patient gets the best service possible.
In the state of Nevada, there are more than 500 optometrists, but only
10 percent of them are glaucoma certified. Dr. YESnick is one of these
elite 50 who can offer his patients the highest standard of care. He is
also one of 10 optometrists who practice Low Vision eye care for the most
difficult cases.


Patients from all over the world come to see this Las Vegas eye doctor
because his skills cover every aspect of medical eye care and vision care,
allowing you a true one stop eye care experience, to save you time and
money Whether you need a general eye exam or a rare eye condition that
is affecting your vision, Dr. YESnick can help you get the best results.

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I loved this office! The staff was amazing, so sweet and caring my doctor was also awesome. They made sure I knew and understood everything from the time I arrived up until the time I left. Guess who has 20/20, Meeeeee😆
1 day ago
- Chanell T.
I love this eye doctor Josie has been there for so many years and she always makes me feel good.. she def gives off that thia vibe... I just love her
1 day ago
- Candace F.