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Low Vision Aids

Mobilux Digital Touch 2 with stand

Low Vision Magnifiers: Handheld, Wearable, and Stand

There are many options available today to assist the visually impaired with magnification. With both portable handheld devices and wearable devices, to assist with shopping and daily errands. As well as stand alone devices for those working with small text or the avid reader.

Escoop glasses

Low Vision Glasses: Telescopes, Prisms, Readers and More

Low Vision glasses can help you regain your independence and enjoy your life to the fullest. The options for glasses for the visually impaired are greater than ever before, whether you are having trouble driving, reading, seeing faces or walking safely, we have the solution.

ZTE computer software for visually impaired in nevada

Computer Software For The Visually Impaired

The computer offers the ability to learn about the world, stay in contact with loved ones, and work. Unfortunatly many low vision people have trouble with using a computer due to resolution, contrast, size, and more. With the latest software designed for the visually impaired, computer use is in your grasp.

eschenbach logo

maxtv 300x200

MaxTv Glasses

See the television and faces again with these simple to use tv magnifier glasses. With 2.1X magnification and adjustable lenses for each eye, you no longer need to buy a large screen television to enjoy your favorite shows.


MaxDetail Glasses

See your playing cards again, see to paint, and sheet music! These 2x magnification glasses are ideal for close vision and are adjustable for each eye.

SmartLux w man and TEXT Copy 300x200


Large screen electronic magnifier to read your own menus, stay independent to see prices on the store shelf, the money in your pocket, bills, receipts, etc. Held like a cell phone, with a long lasting battery and color screen.

Mobilux Digital Touch 2 with stand 1655 11 300 dpi 1 Copy 300x200

Mobilux Digital

Handheld version of the electronic magnifier. Enhanced magnification capabilities and best for those with hand tremors. 4x-15x magnification with anti glare and LED back lighting.

handheld mag Copy 300x200

Conventional Handheld Magnifiers

There are a wide variety of handheld magnifiers. Features to choose from are: illuminated and non-illuminated, LED or incandescent, 2x up to 12.x magnification, and aspheric, aplanatic, biconvex, and the hi-tech diffractive lenses.

esenbach readers Copy 300x200

Readers With Anti Glare Coating

Reading glasses with enhanced UV light protection reduces the glare which can improve the ability to see clearly. In addition the reading glasses come with enhanced blue light protection, ideal for protecting your eyes while on the computer.

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designs for vision bioptic

Biopic telescopes

These ‘driving glasses’ are often the difference between staying independent behind the wheel or sitting at home. Safe and legal to drive in most states. Also very effective for seeing loved ones’ faces, signs, and distant objects. Effective for everyday use.

E ScoopA Copy


Used like regular eyeglasses to significantly enhance distance vision and reading, while enhancing contrast (black on white). Visually better for walking safety, see TV, faces and reading. Use every day!

Prismatic microscope Copy

Microscopes For Low Vision

READ AGAIN! Even when regular eyeglasses no longer work. Accurate state of the art optics, that are visually appealing and work great. With different set ups, these prismatic microscopes will get you reading again!

logo mattingly

prismatic readers las vegas

Mattingly prismatic reading glasses are stylish and functional using professional CR-39 material, long life spring hinges, soft cases, and affordable prices.

Designed with the low vision patient in mind, these prismatic readers will help you see text clearer while maintaining your great style!

logo humanware

cctv low vision las vegas

This innovative table top CCTV magnifier provides the solution of reading in the comfort of your own home with the ease and clarity like never before. Featuring touch and tap controls for easier use, Diamond-Edge Text™ which enables crisp and clear reading without loss of quality no matter the size, and the ability to switch from reading to listening to text with the touch of a button.

VFO logo


MAGic® Screen Magnification Software

MAGic is a screen magnification and screen reading solution for low vision computer users. MAGic can help you work more efficiently with business applications, documents, email, navigating the Internet, and engaging in social networking. MAGic delivers smooth, crisp letters, even at the highest magnification levels.


Portable Readers: Ruby, Sapphire, Amigo

Some of the most advanced portable digital readers available. The all-new portable RUBY 7 HD makes reading easier. The seven-inch screen can display more text and magnifies materials up to 24 times. This ultra-portable device can go anywhere with ease.


Scanning and Reading Appliances

SARA is the next-generation self-contained scanning and reading appliance for people who are blind or have low vision. SARA is simple to use, and quickly converts printed text to spoken text. No computer experience is needed. Read your documents without the need for sighted assistance.

nueyeseasy1 Copy

Head worn NuEyes

These hi-tech wireless glasses offer a variety of features such as text to voice, 1x-12x magnification, contrast and color changes, voice activation, movie and tv streaming to the glasses. All of this in a light weight design.

fullspectrum solutions

bluemax sunlight

An essential aspect of seeing well with low vision is having the proper lighting. At YESnick Vision Center we look at the whole picture of living and advice our patients on all aspects of lifestyle to ensure the maximum effectiveness of their visual solutions. Part of the equation is having lighting that is both powerful enough and provides the right spectrum of light.

ai squared logo white

threeboxes zoom text

ZoomText is the world’s leading magnification and screen reading software for the visually impaired, helping countless individuals stay employed and in touch with the world.


What Is a Low Vision Telescope?

Telescopes for low vision las vegasA low vision telescope is a small telescope that is attached to regular glasses. They are specially made to help the patient perform the task they desire to accomplish. By attaching the telescopes to glasses with the existing prescription, the wearer is able to correct for their other vision problems such as Myopia while correcting for their main visual impairment such as central vision loss caused by macular degeneration. Most patients are looking for the option to be able to drive, see their loved ones, and read, and with the correct low vision telescopes these activities become an option again. Because each low vision telescope is selected specifically by our eye doctor, it is difficult to go into detail about each option. Call us to schedule a consult with Dr. Yesnick to find out what is the right solution for you. One of the main advantages of low vision telescopes over hand held magnifiers is that the wearer is hands free and able to enjoy life to its fullest.

Where Should I Buy a Low Vision Telescope?

The premier Low Vision Center In Las Vegas NevadaLow vision telescopes are a state of the art device that radically alters the lives of a low vision patient. Whether it is allowing them to drive again or helping them see their families, it is a decision that will impact the rest of their lives. Rest assured that at YESnick Vision Center you have come to a warm and loving environment where our eye doctor and staff have made it our business to help those with low vision. Our state of the art low vision center located in Las Vegas, is the largest private practice in Las Vegas. It offers family eye care, low vision, and Nevada’s only low vision driving school. Choosing low vision telescopes is not a small decision, visit our practice to speak to “The Specialist Dr. Yesnick” about the best option for your needs.

Read Review CTA blue stars yellow

What Are My Low Vision Telescope Options?

Each patient is unique and we evaluate every person’s needs to determine the best vision solution for him or her. Here are several types of low vision telescopes:

Spectacle Miniature Telescopes

Using different designs and powers, depending on the needs of the patient. Bioptics are mounted higher on the glasses allowing the wearer to use them when needed such as when they are driving and need to see a street sign. Full Diameter designs allow for bigger optics and are a better fit for television watching and seeing peoples faces. The SMT allow for crystal clear viewing for every need, from reading to driving.

Spectacle Prismatic Glasses

Commonly known as low vision reading glasses, these prism glasses have a single magnification across the whole lens allowing for easier reading. They provide a useful tool for reading and other close up tasks while being hands free and portable. These glasses are also available as Bifocals, which provides two levels of magnification, perfect for people who have trouble with smaller text. The ideal wearer has similar vision loss in both eyes and requires low levels of magnification.


These glasses are considered the intermediate option between telescopes and regular glasses. For patients that are not helped by regular glasses but have relatively low vision loss, the prism glasses can provide the ideal solution. By shifting the image towards the periphery of the eye, the prism projects the image to where it can be seen clearly. These glasses reduce glare, and provide limited magnification, ensuring optimal vision.

MicroScope Glasses

This type of glasses provides magnification for close tasks such as reading and computer use. Usually they come with special tints and filters to reduce glare and add contrast which improves the overall vision experience. These types of glasses are preferred over handheld magnifiers, stand magnifiers, and digital magnifiers as they are hands free and portable. Because the lens is closer to the eye, it provides a wider viewing field than traditional magnifiers.

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