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Dr. YESnick Introduces Las Vegas to the Integrated Digital Magnifier for the Connected Classroom

Dr. YESnick is pleased to announce the arrival of the newest member of the award-winning Prodigi family. The Prodigi™ Connect 12 is a highly portable digital magnifier and 12-inch tablet that features an open Android platform with access to more than a million apps and native synchronization to Google's suite of tools.

The solution for low-vision students in today's connected classroom

Prodigi Connect 12's innovative approach to reading print and viewing images has resulted in a powerful combination of technology and simplicity to help low-vision users at school, work, home and on-the-go. The Prodigi Connect 12 presents perfect Diamond-Edge text with extreme capture and processing speed in three efficient reading modes: page, column and line. Plus, this Prodigi offers speech output on documents and menus. In other words, it will read to you out loud.

Instantly connect with the world

The Prodigi Connect 12’s Android access connects users to the Internet with the push of a single button. It’s perfect for students who can enjoy free and open access to preinstalled apps such as Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, and Chrome. Smartboard connectivity with Promethean, TeamViewer and VNC, along with adaptive apps such as Bookshare, BARD, and Pyxima, make this tool far more than just a portable digital magnifier.

Distance viewing and portability

A large yet portable, 12.2-inch full HD touchscreen, long-lasting 12-hour battery and wireless distance viewing camera with up to 40X magnification and integrated capture function helps low-vision users see the world like never before. The added connectivity, interactivity and portability make the Prodigi Connect 12 a powerful and friendly tool for today’s low-vision users.

“Prodigi Connect 12 goes far beyond a CCTV”. “Never has reading and writing been made so natural and portable, combined with endless possibilities. You can now read print in perfect Diamond Edge text, capture distant images, connect to the web, to a smartboard, to your cloud, email, social network or to millions of apps; and read any electronic or print text, on the most portable tactile tablet ever. Prodigi wirelessly connects you to the outside world like no other Low Vision tool ever has before.” Call Dr. YESnick today at 702 966 2020 to learn more or Book an Appointment Right Now!