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Blind Breakfast

What Is A Blind Breakfast?

The blind breakfast at The YESnick Vision Center is a low vision training event led by our very own Sandy. Sandy, who is the only OTR/L, Certified Low Vision Therapist in Nevada, shows assigns each staff member a pair of glasses that mimics the affects of different eye diseases on their vision. Patients will experience using their phone, pouring a cup of coffee, and walking around, while severely limited due to their visual impairment. Sandy took the time to go over some of the ways that we help patients with low vision, such as lighting and low vision aids. She showed the staff the IrisVision device, a low vision device that is effective at helping people with macular degeneration and other vision limiting diseases. The staff always remarks that these breakfasts help them put the patients ordeals into perspective.

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Call (702) 500-0525

Call (702) 500-0525