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We Can Help: If you or a loved one are now having problems seeing and doing the things you have enjoyed, Dr. YESnick can help. If you have been told by your eye doctor that a change in your eyeglass prescription will not help you see any better, call Dr. YESnick, who is trained to design special glasses that can make a difference.

Are you tired of hearing “NOTHING MORE CAN BE DONE”? Are you frustrated at having to use hand magnifiers to read? Call a member of our Vision Recovery Center for a free telephone interview. We design glasses to help you do the things you love to do, including:

Driving – Reading – Writing – Watching Television – Playing Cards – Seeing Faces and more!

Low Vision Evaluation: Low Vision is our specialty at the Vision Recovery Center, call now for a FREE TELEPHONE INTERVIEW.

This is required for an appointment with Dr. YESnick to determine if you are a good candidate for our products and services. Dr. YESnick will not waste your time or money if he believes he cannot help you.

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We are proud to offer the residents of Las Vegas the only charitable organization in the area aimed at helping children and adults with visual impairment receive the care they deserve.

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Macular Degeneration affects roughly 2 million Americas and is expected to double over the next 3 decades. Macular Degeneration is characterized by experiencing blind spots and blurred vision, early stages may lack noticeable symptoms.

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Learning to cope with low vision places an incredible stress on peoples lives. Difficulty with employment, daily tasks, computer and phone use, and high incidents of falls make it a priority to schedule a low vision exam right away.

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Driving with Low Vision is possible. Dr. Yesnick is the official eye doctor for the Nevada DMV. Due to his specializing in this area Dr. Yesnick has many patients that travel from out of the state and internationally for low vision aids for driving.

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Implantable Telescope for Macular Degeneration

Centrasight implant for macular degeneration Macular degeneration telescope implant in las vegas

Dr. YESnick and his wife Sandy were chosen to be part of the only team to provide the revolutionary implantable telescope for advanced macular degeneration. The telescope is implanted in one eye by replacing the natural lens which has been effected by AMD and replacing it with a tiny implant about the size of a pea.

This FDA approved surgery has been shown to increase sight by 3-4 lines and drastically improve quality of life.

To learn more visit our CentraSight Implantable Telescope page.

Low Vision Aids

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The massive improvements in technology have revolutionized the way people with low vision watch television, read a book or drive a car. Innovations in digital magnifiers created vast options for both handheld and stand options for magnification.

The innovations in the market are not limited to magnifiers, but great strides have been made in lenses, telescope glasses/bioptics, computer software, and prismatic readers.

Never before has the need been so great for guidance from a specialist optometrist to walk you through the options and help you understand what technology will provide you with the greatest impact.

To learn more visit our Low Vision Aids page.

Low Vision Glasses And Telescopes

Telescopes for low vision las vegas

One of the greatest advancements in low vision technology is the improvements in low vision telescopes and bioptics. The low vision telescope is a small telescope that sits on top of your regular eyeglasses and allows you to see in ways that most low vision patients would have never thought possible.

Regain your independence:

  • Drive again
  • See faces clearly
  • Watch television
  • Read the newspaper
  • And Much Much More.

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Low vision Nevada

The Low Vision evaluation consists of three steps:

  1. Find out the amount of vision the patient has.
  2. Find out the amount of vision needed to do the task desired.
  3. Figure out the best magnification device that allows the person to do the task.

We find out the amount of vision the patient has by performing a low vision evaluation. It is not anything like a regular eye exam:

  • We use special charts and techniques to “draw out” any residual vision that may be “hiding” in the periphery.
  • We recheck the regular eyeglass prescription to improve it if possible.
  • We see how magnification affects the level of vision.

We find out the amount of vision needed to do the task desired with very specific questions and demonstrations.

  • We ask the patient to bring samples of print they want to see (kindles, stock market pages, newspaper…).
  • We ask the patient to bring samples of activities they do (needlework, playing cards…).

We figure out the best magnification device that allows the person to do the task by having many unique demonstrators in the office. We do not order any low vision device unless we prove that it works in the office first.

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Our Low Vision Optometrist

Dr. David YESnick, O.D.


Dr. David Yesnick, is passionate about helping people with low vision. Along with his wife Sandy, Nevada’s only board certified low vision therapist they have brought joy to the lives of countless people experiencing the difficulty of living with low vision and vision impairment.

Dr. David and Sandy Yesnick have been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of people with low vision and have started a non profit to assist those who can not afford low vision care.

Dr. Yesnick says “Many of our patients come in from all over the country and the world having been told there was nothing that could be done. They felt that their lives as they had known it was done, computers, driving, work, mobility were no longer a viable option. With so many advances in technology, we are able to offer our patients the ability to live life with dignity, mobility and productivity that was only a dream before. We are truly blessed to be at the forefront of treatment for low vision, and to bring so much joy to our patients.”