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Final 400 for 300 (1)

In Addition:

  1. The expiration date for the insurance is one year from purchase date.
  2. After your expiration date, benefits roll over to the next calendar year at 50% value of any unused amount. Insurance has no rollover of your benefits. For example, if your benefit amount is $300 and you use only $200, then the remaining $100 rollover benefit is half (50%) of that or $50.
  3. You authorize autopayment billing of your monthly credit card until paid in full. Please call or come into our office to set this up.
  4. Eyecare available when you need it, as often as you need. No insurance limitations on when you can receive care. For example, Culinary insurance only allows you to visit your eye doctor, every two years.
  5. The doctor chooses which eyeglasses and contact lenses are in your best interest, not the insurance company.

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