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How Hand Sanitizer Can Damage Your Child’s Eyes

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Hand sanitizer — one of the most effective ways to protect your child from COVID-19 —

can damage their eyes.

While hand sanitizer is an important tool in the fight against COVID-19, children don’t always heed the advice to not touch their eyes with their sanitized hands.

That’s a problem.

The French Poison Control Center has reported a sevenfold increase in eye damage in children caused by alcohol-based hand sanitizer, compared to 2019. Also, a pediatric ophthalmology center reported that 13% of patients required surgery for severe sanitizer-caused lesions. The number of cases worldwide is increasing.

And it’s not only because kids are rubbing their eyes after using hand sanitizer. It’s also because sanitizer dispensers are usually 3 feet tall, which may be eye level for younger children.

Children are naturally curious and when they see an adult reaching for the dispenser, they will want to do the same. But because of the height of the dispenser, it may end up in their eyes and not on their hands.

If you suspect your child has gotten alcohol-based hand sanitizer in their eyes, it’s very important to seek medical care to prevent any long-term damage to their eyes.

The alcohol in household disinfectants kills viruses in the same way that it destroys other cells. When hand sanitizer hits the eye, it destructs proteins and cells. As a result, the eye becomes inflamed or infected. This damage can lead to vision loss, even blindness.

Hand sanitizer helps prevent germs. Just be sure to use it with care.

If you think your child has gotten alcohol-based hand sanitizer in their eyes contact Yesnick Vision Center in Las Vegas today. We can help!

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