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Lentes de contacto de colores en Las Vegas

Colorful Contacts Eye Gray Photo 1280x480Whether you want to look fantastic or just for a special occasion, colored contact lenses are a fun, fantastic and eye-catching way to embellish your appearance. Read on if you are interested in obtaining more information, as well as knowing where to buy colored contact lenses and other types of glasses without a prescription. (At Yesnick Vision Center, of course!) (At Yesnick Vision Center, of course!)

Can everyone wear colored contact lenses?

Basically, colored contact lenses follow the same rules as normal contact lenses. If you already wear contact lenses and have no problem with them, you should be able to use any of the colored contact lenses of our Las Vegas collection without problem.

What myopia works with contact lenses of colors?

In general, there is a color contact lens for any sight condition, ranging from 20/20 (zero power) to -8 for myopia to +6 for farsightedness. Colored contact lenses that are used for aesthetic purposes (without lens diopter) are called flat lenses. Colored contact lenses are also available for astigmatism, although these versions may be more expensive. Therefore, if you have a more complex problem or have no need for correction, you can change the color of your eyes.

Do I need an eye test to wear colored contact lenses without a prescription?

And it is. Even people with perfect vision need a prescription for colored contact lenses. All types of contact lenses fall into the category of a medical device that must fit your eyes correctly. If you do not visit your optometrist for an eye exam and simply search the web to find the best offer to buy colored contact lenses you will put your vision and eye health at risk.

A large selection of brands is available, with different designs, colors and tones. Our Las Vegas eye doctor will check your eyes to determine the best brand of colored contact lenses for you. We stock all models, so once you have a prescription, there is no need to look for where to buy your lenses. of contact colors. Visit Yesnick Vision Center to see our collection at any time.

Do all color contact lenses work in the same way?

Almost all of the colored contact lenses in our Las Vegas collection are designed to be natural. The part of the contact lens that covers your iris is composed of dots, lines and shapes of colors, similar to the shape of your eye. However, there are three different types of tones:

  • Visibility tone: without any effect on the color of the eyes, this tone is only to help you find the lens better during the placement and removal process.
  • -Tone of improvement: solid, but transparent; This tone is a bit darker than a visibility and will act as a contact lens that improves color. Tonality is best seen in people with light-colored eyes who want to deepen and intensify the color of their eyes. Improvement nuances tend to define the edges of your iris.
  • Opaque tone: these color contact lenses completely change the color of your eyes, even for people with dark eyes. All contact lenses for performances and make-up also fall into this category.

Will I notice the contact lenses of color in my eyes?

In terms of comfort, colored lenses may be slightly less comfortable than normal lenses. That is because they are generally thicker. The advantage is that thicker lenses can be easier to attach and remove.

Can I find all kinds of colored contact lenses nearby?

Of course! We invite you to see our wide range of colored contact lenses in Las Vegas, of all types and all the tones of the rainbow! We present a wide selection of attractive shades, including green, hazel, amethyst, violet, brown, blue, turquoise and gray. We have color-enhancing lenses and contact lenses for color change from leading brands such as Bausch & Lomb, Acuvue Oasys, Ciba Contacts, Cooper Contacts and Synergeyes.

I'm not sure of the correct color. What if I need help to buy contact lenses near my home?

No matter if you are looking for a way to change your appearance in a spectacular or subtle way, our optometry staff will help you select the best contact lenses. To find the perfect type, we will consider your skin and hair tone. If you want to maintain a natural look, we can suggest honey or hazel contact lenses for brown eyes, or blue instead of your gray iris. If you want to call as many as possible, we will recommend more vivid colors, such as violet and electric blue.

The contact lenses of colors will give you the eye color you always dreamed of! Whether you are thinking of a smooth change or a new and striking appearance, we encourage you to enjoy your choice. The variety of colors and effects available is extended daily, and we have the best collection of colored contact lenses in Las Vegas! Click here to obtain the  contact lens order form.

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