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Low Vision Aids – Summerlin, NV

YESnick Vision Center is the largest Low Vision practice in the Summerlin area! So too, we offer the most extensive range of low vision aids. Working together, Dr. David Yesnick, our experienced optometrist, and his wife, Sandy, our low vision therapist, will match you with the best helpful low vision aids to restore your independence and quality of life. We want to help you get your life back – and enjoy it fully!

In addition to bringing you a diverse selection of low vision devices to assist with all of your daily tasks, we also provide high-level training to every individual so that you can maximize your remaining vision with the low vision aids that you purchase in Summerlin, NV. Some of the options that we offer include:

Low Vision Magnifiers in Summerlin, Nevada

Magnifying devices are available in handheld, wearable, and stand-alone versions. Portable aids are ideal for assistance with shopping and other daily errands, whereas stand-alone magnifiers are better suited for working with fine crafts or reading the small text of a book or other print publication at home. Some examples of low vision magnifiers include:

  • Conventional handheld – choose from illuminated and non-illuminated, LED or incandescent, 2x up to 12.x magnification, and aspheric, aplanatic, biconvex, and the hi-tech diffractive lenses.
  • SmartLux – this large screen handheld electronic magnifier can help you maintain independence when reading menus, seeing the price at the store, or counting out money from your wallet.
  • Mobilux digital – an electronic, handheld magnifier that gives a range of powers and has LED backlighting
  • MaxTV – these TV magnifier glasses will help you watch the screen and see faces, without any need to buy a large screen television

Summerlin Low Vision Glasses

Low vision glasses can give you back your independence, so you can drive, read, see faces, and cross streets safely. Examples include:

  • Bioptic telescopes – these glasses can return you to the driver’s seat! They are also great for seeing faces, reading signs, and viewing distance.
  • Prisms – eyeglasses with prisms will enhance distance vision, as well as improve contrast so you can read more easily
  • Microscopes for Low Vision – even when your regular glasses are not helpful, these specialized prismatic microscopes, such as Mattingly reading glasses, can enable you to read again!

Low Vision Computer Software

Computers put you in touch with the larger world, help you to connect with loved ones, and facilitate many types of work. The latest software for the visually impaired helps people with reduced eyesight to use a computer efficiently, such as:

  • MAGic screen magnification software – this is a screen reading solution for people with low vision, delivering smooth and crisp text even at the highest magnification levels
  • Portable digital readers – ultra-portable devices, such as the all-new RUBY 7 HD, makes reading as easy as can be. The seven-inch screen magnifies materials up to 24 times.
  • Scanning and reading appliances – SARA allows you to scan printed text for quick conversion to spoken text
  • NuEyes – these wireless, lightweight glasses feature many hi-tech benefits, such as text to voice, 1x-12x magnification, contrast and color changes, voice activation, and streaming videos to the glasses

At YESnick Vision Center, we provide these low vision aids and many more for our Summerlin, NV, patients. Located conveniently, our eye care center is devoted to helping everyone see the best that they can see!

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