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Colored Contact Lenses Near Summerlin, Nevada

Want a new look for always or just want a change for a special occasion? Colored contacts can be a fun way to change things up a bit! Yesnick Vision Center near Summerlin serves the neighborhood of Summerlin and offers a large supply of colored contacts to suit your needs and desires.

Can Everyone Wear Colored Contacts?

If you don't have a problem with regular contact lenses, you should be fine wearing our colored contact lenses.

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What Vision Prescriptions Work With Colored Contacts?

In general, colored contact lenses exist for all lenses ranging from 20/20 (zero power) to -8 for nearsightedness to +6 for farsightedness.

Don’t need prescription lenses? Plano lenses are color enhancing contacts worn entirely for cosmetic purposes (with no lens power). There are also colored contact lenses available for astigmatism, but they may be more expensive. Our Summerlin eye doctor can help you find the right colored contacts for your needs!

So whether you have a high prescription or no need for vision correction, you can still change your eye color!

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Our colored contact lenses are designed to look natural. The colored part of the contact that goes over your iris is full of dots, lines, and shapes, and is similar to how your eye actually appears.

The lens has other tints as well:

  • Visibility tint: this tint is there to let you find the lens when you are inserting and removing it. It has nothing to do with color.
  • Enhancement tint: Darker than visibility tint, it will affect the color the contact. They can deepen the eye color on light-colored eyes.
  • Opaque tint: Totally change your eye color! These are usually used as theatrical lenses.

YESnick Vision Center

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