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Low Vision Services for Spring Valley

If you have Low Vision, many typical daily actions can be difficult and frustrating. Although you are still able to see, numerous tasks that you’ve done with ease for years – such as reading, watching TV, and driving – may now be an extreme challenge. Generally, this reduced vision brings a reduced level of independence. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! We offer an extensive range of Low Vision services for Spring Valley, to help you maintain independence and maximize your enjoyment of life.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable low vision specialist for Spring Valley, Dr. David Yesnick, is one of only a few optometrists in Nevada who treat low vision. With over 10 years of experience in this field, he has helped many patients enhance their quality of life. Dr. Yesnick will meet with you to evaluate your eyesight and discuss your lifestyle needs. Based on the results of your consultation, our team will match you with the most suitable low vision devices and personalized strategies.

Low Vision Evaluation

Low vision can be caused by aging and a variety of eyesight problems, such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and diabetic retinopathy. We will work to help improve your sight, no matter what the cause. Call for a free telephone interview with Dr. Yesnick, your leading low vision specialist in the Spring Valley area. If Dr. Yesnick determines that you are a good candidate for our low vision services and products, he will invite you to book an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation.

Low Vision Devices

Numerous options, such as telescopes for distance vision and telemicroscopic glasses for near vision, are available to help people with visual impairments. We will recommend the low vision devices to improve your life and fit you with them so they are comfortable and provide optimum clarity.

Our low vision devices for Spring Valley include:

    • Magnifiers (handheld, stand-alone, and wearable):  these aids can assist with tasks such as reading, shopping and errands.
  • Specialized Glasses - Prisms, Telescopes, Readers, and more:  low vision eyeglasses come in many types targeted to help with the specific tasks you need to do, including driving, seeing faces, watching TV, or just walking safely.
  • Computer Software:  we’ll introduce you to the latest technologies to help you stay in touch with your friends and family, as well as use a computer for the work you want to do.

Low Vision Driving School

YESnick Vision Center runs the one and only drivers training center in Nevada that is dedicated to keeping visually impaired drivers on the road – legally and safely. Our school features professional, experienced instructors and the only Driving Simulator in the state. We issue new driver training and certification, DMV services, re-education for senior drivers, and specialized training and certification for drivers with visual impairments.

Travel for Our Low Vision Care – It’s Worth It!

Approximately 25% of our patients travel to benefit from our Low Vision Practice for Spring Valley. Why?

Let’s count the reasons!

  1.       We are the largest private optometry practice in Las Vegas.
  2.       We offer the only Low Vision Driving School.
  3.       Our Vision Recovery Center non-profit organization enables everyone to enjoy improved vision.
  4.       We bring our patients an incredible range of the latest low vision devices.
  5.       Our office is up-to-date with the most advanced low vision technologies. such as OrCam and eSight 3.
  6.       We accept a number of low vision insurance plans.

Reduced vision can be a lonely and overwhelming experience, and we address this issue compassionately with all of the low vision services that we offer. Dr. Yesnick will listen to your concerns and provide assistance and effective solutions to help you cope. In sum, we’ll help you regain your quality of life after you experience vision loss.

What is there to do in Spring Valley ?

Located about 2 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, Spring Valley is a diverse and colorful town. Before or after your next appointment with Dr. David Yesnick, leave some time to enjoy yourself at some of the fabulous local sites.

Family Attractions

If you’re wondering where to go with your family during daytime hours, our YESnick staff has plenty of recommendations to share! Desert Breeze Park (in the north-central side of Spring Valley), is one of the largest regional parks. It’s filled with soccer fields, a dog park, basketball courts, a baseball diamond, children’s play areas and ample spots to set up a picnic.

For a shopping trip with the kids, head over to Spring Mountain Road, where rows of Chinese strip malls lead the way through Spring Valley’s own Chinatown. This shopping district spans approximately 2.5 miles, with authentic Chinese food and fare for sale.

The Shark Reef Aquarium is around the corner from Spring Valley. This attraction will submerge you into the ocean via a total sensory experience. Through the walls of an acrylic tunnel, you’ll see a shipwreck up-close – complete with gliding sharks and undersea creatures.

Where is there to eat in Spring Valley?

At the start, middle, and end of every day, you need food to stay fueled for all of Spring Valley’s incredible activities. To start your day off right, our Las Vegas optometrists recommend breakfast at Squeeze In, where you can enjoy the ultimate breakfast omelet in a fun and homey atmosphere. When we hit a mid-day slump, our eye care team heads to Café Breizh for lunch. Their casual ambiance and savory menu hits the spot, along with their selection of exclusive coffee from renowned roasters. At the end of a long day checking eyes, the YESnick Vision Center optical staff is known to favor Pier 215 for an authentic Asian dinner, made from high-quality, fresh ingredients. Seafood is featured on the menu, flavored with a combination of Japanese and Italian elements.

Spring Valley Nightlife

Located along the edge of Spring Valley, the House of Blues is devoted to celebrating African American and Southern contributions to art and music. Set inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort, you will be dazzled by the quirky mural made from 50,000 bottle caps and a ballroom chandelier constructed from an old MGM. Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the metal box of mud from the Delta Mississippi that rests beneath the stage. This container of mud underscores the message that every artist has the spirit and roots of the South beneath their feet.

Another premier site for nightlife next to Spring Valley is the Red Square Restaurant & Lounge, where contemporary American foods are served with a Russian twist. Don’t miss the colossal statue of Lenin in front of this plush venue, the frozen Ice Bar, and the private vodka vault.

Outstanding Optical and Eye Care Near You!

Next time you schedule an eye exam or shop our designer frames at YESnick Vision Center, we invite you to plan a fun day trip in Spring Valley, NV. We look forward to seeing you!

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I loved this office! The staff was amazing, so sweet and caring my doctor was also awesome. They made sure I knew and understood everything from the time I arrived up until the time I left. Guess who has 20/20, Meeeeee😆
1 day ago
- Chanell T.
I love this eye doctor Josie has been there for so many years and she always makes me feel good.. she def gives off that thia vibe... I just love her
1 day ago
- Candace F.