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Low Vision Patient traveled to our office from Mexico!

Hi, this is Enrique America. And my father and myself came from Guadalajara, Mexico to PC our planning here because we couldn't find, uh, a way to improve our Bishop because of technology we have available is very limited. The resources for low vision patients is very small in the world. So these people have the bird best and the video latest of technology available in order to improve your vision. Give these people the opportunity to check your case, because I have an, a scotoma in my right eye because of a retina being a caution and each class improve a little bit with the years. But these people know things that we don't know, that things that are not available in the internet so complicated. And you're very pleased with the service you will get from the front desk to the therapist, to them Analytica through the workshop. You're going to be very satisfied and especially on that, you will be people from abroad come here is worth that traveling to Vegas to visit these people. Thank you very much.

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