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Emergency Eye Care vs. Routine Eye Care

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Your eye is red and painful, your eyelid is swollen and vision seems blurred. Should you call our local Las Vegas eye doctor for an urgent eye exam? Or is it enough to book an appointment for a later, more convenient date? Many people are unsure about what to do when eye problems arise. Let’s discuss the difference between routine eye care services and emergency eye care, so you know the best action to take.

Our Las Vegas eye doctor can provide the help you need for a wide variety of emergency conditions. This is particularly significRoutine nt for keeping you out of the hospital emergency room – and away from exposure to all the germs circulating in the hospital waiting room.

Conditions that Require Emergency Eye Care

If you experience any of the following, our eye doctor recommends contacting our Las Vegas optometry office to schedule an urgent eye exam.

  • Eye injury or trauma, such as getting hit in the eye
  • Chemical burns
  • Sudden onset of blurry vision
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Corneal scratches
  • Seeing floaters or flashes of light
  • Oozing discharge, red eyes and eye irritation
  • Foreign object stuck under your eyelid

Some types of dangerous eye emergencies will require a trip to the hospital, such as:

  • When your eyes are dilated unequally or if they suddenly don’t move in coordination
  • A foreign object pierces your eye surface and/or you have bleeding from your eyeball
  • Severe headache with visual effects

Common Routine Eye Care Services

If your eyes are feeling itchy or dry, it can be very annoying, but it’s not classified as an emergency. You need to book an eye exam for diagnosis and treatment, but there’s no urgency.

The same protocol applies for your yearly eye exam, evaluation of visual acuity, or a contact lenses follow-up fitting. These visits to the optometrist are all necessary, but they can wait until it’s convenient for you to come in for your next eye doctor’s appointment.

At Yesnick Vision Center, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 702-500-0525 or book an appointment online to see one of our Las Vegas eye doctors.

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