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What Type of Eye Emergencies Does Our Las Vegas Eye Doctor Treat?

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Eye emergencies are always scary, and it’s helpful to know in advance about where to seek treatment, instead of panicking with confusion over where to go! If you experience an eye emergency, our eye doctor is here to help. We perform urgent eye exams in Las Vegas and provide medical assistance for a wide range of unforeseen problems.

If you experience any of the following eye problems, depend upon Dr. David Yesnick

for emergency eye care in Las Vegas:

  • Chemical burns: This type of injury requires immediate medical care. In the meantime, tilt your head and flush your eyes continuously with water. If you are wearing contacts, remove them.
  • Object stuck in the eyes:  If something small, such as dirt or an eyelash, is lodged under your eyelid, you can try to remove it safely at home. If a large object is stuck or if it pierced your eye surface, visit an eye doctor immediately to prevent complications and vision loss.
  • Painful vision, oozing, redness or itchiness: These may be symptoms of an eye infection, such as pink eye, which can be diagnosed with an eye exam. If it’s a bacterial infection, you’ll need antibiotics to treat it.
  • Swollen or black eye: Any trauma to the eye, such as from sports, can cause a black eye. While black eyes generally look worse than they actually are, it’s advised to visit an eye doctor or an eye exam to ensure no internal swelling or damage was done.
  • Eye injuries, cuts and scratches: Don’t rub your eyes, as this can make your eye condition worse. While most small scratches heal well on their own, a serious scratch has a higher risk of infection; it’s essential to get an eye exam as soon as possible.
  • Eye floaters, black spots and flashes: These signs can all indicate a serious, sight-threatening problem. Seek emergency eye care from our eye doctor as soon as possible, so you can get any necessary treatments without delay.

At Yesnick Vision Center, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 702-500-0525 or book an appointment online to see one of our Las Vegas eye doctors.

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