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How to Cope with Low Vision at Work

When someone has low vision, it can affect their level of productivity and independence when doing their job. It can also compromise safety and potentially lead to much frustration. However, there are several helpful actions that can be taken to reduce the stress of low vision at work. Our experienced eye doctor, Dr. David Yesnick, keeps up-to-date with the newest low vision aids and strategies to help our patients live a better, fuller life with low vision in Las Vegas.

Manage the Workplace Conditions

Reduced quality of vision can affect the ability to view and operate a computer, read text, drive, control machinery, count money, and even navigate the office safely. Fortunately, making some simple changes to the workplace and using low vision aids can make a huge difference.

Here are some effective ways to cope, help yourself, and/or help your employees who have low vision:

  • Make sure the lighting conditions are bright enough; add task lighting if necessary
  • Provide low vision magnification devices, either mobile or desk-mounted, to help with reading documents
  • Mount magnifiers on an extendable arm near the printer and announcement boards
  • Provide an extra-large computer monitor to assist with viewing text, along with large button controls to modify the contrast and brightness levels of the display
  • Place all items that are used frequently within easy reach
  • Consider investing in text-to-speech computer software (including for text messaging) for employees with extremely reduced vision
  • Install specialized scanning software that enables hard documents to be scanned and saved to the computer for enlarged viewing
  • Bioptic telescope glasses can help with recognizing faces and seeing objects in the distance
  • Prism eyeglasses can make it easier to read, use a computer, and enhance safety when moving around the office
  • Phones should be large-button
  • Pay attention to how the desk or workstation is positioned – make sure there is no glare from nearby windows; add curtains or blinds to eliminate glare
  • Add bold labels and tactile signs around the office, as well as clear markers to hazardous areas, such as placing contrasting strips on the edges of any steps or on the staircase

Remember - the level of difficulty and frustration that each individual experiences when dealing with low vision at work can vary depending on the low vision devices that are accessible, the amount of support received from fellow employees and staff, and the person’s familiarity with the job and environment. If you, a loved one, an employee or colleague have low vision, please consult with our low vision specialist in Las Vegas to learn about the variety of low vision aids available – and how to make low vision at work into the easiest and friendliest experience possible!

At Yesnick Vision Center, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 702-500-0525 or book an appointment online to see one of our Las Vegas eye doctors.

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